sprinkling fracking/conventional wastewater "brine" on roads has spread carcinogenic radium


"Wastewater from the oil and gas industry that's being spread on roadways to control dust and ice in at least 13 states, including Pennsylvania, poses a threat to the environment and to human health, according to a study released this week.

The wastewater, commonly referred to as "brine," contains high levels of salt along with lead, radium, organic contaminants and other heavy metals in concentrations above safe levels for drinking water. Researchers have found that nearly all of the metals from brine leach out from roadways when it rains, and they speculate that the pollutants could wind up in nearby bodies of water and find their way into local drinking water sources. ...

Radium is radioactive and has been linked to bone marrow and lung cancer, while the health impacts of lead exposure range from lowered IQ levels and behavioral issues in children to kidney, brain and central nervous system damage in adults."

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Carcinogenic Radium? Isn't that a bit redundant for a scholar like yourself??? What other kind of Radium is there?

From the book "Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America",
Eliza Griswold.

"No one would poison a puppy, she told Beth gently. Beth thought otherwise. The vet had told her that Cummins’s insides had frozen up, she said, crystallized, as if he’d drunk antifreeze. The vet couldn’t rule out cancer, either, but Beth suspected foul play. She also thought she knew where the poison had come from: she’d seen the dog drinking from a puddle of water left on the roadside after a truck came through to spray down dust earlier that summer.”

Hey Heckbert.  Are you a salesman for book publishers?  

Life itself is precarious. And we have to be careful what choices we make. But we cannot be overly paranoid about what  we do. Parents being paranoid stifles the growth of their offspring.  Many lives have been absolutely ruined by the fears of their parents and the fears of other people trying to fatten their bank accounts.

Granddad Ladd


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