How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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This new natural gas to gasoline plant sounds like more good new for the gas industry.  Is it for certain this plant will actually be built?  In terms of new wells needed to support this plant, what would be an estimate of the number of new wells needed to support it?  Just trying to put it into perspective of new wells vs just Mcf of gas needed to support the plant. 

The articles I have seen do not give any specifics on how much gas will be used .... The articles also stated that this is just the start and the permitting process will have to be undertaken .... After reading about the Nanticoke region , it sure seems the region could use some good economic news ...... 

I wonder if gasoline is cheaper to produce from natural gas then from oil, and how it would compare to air pollution?  

The article suggests N Gas to Gasoline is 'cleaner' ... One of the brand Name Motor Oils ,' Penz Oil 'I Think ,  is derived from N Gas 

Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone from the local economy to gas producers to cleaner fuels use.

I can't find an article?

Deb! try punching in 'natural gas to gasoline' in your search blank. You might find information on one of these sites listed. Try "Fischer-Trobsch  process"    Granddad Ladd

thanks! Sitting in a hospital waiting room waiting on Dad's heart surgery, I'll have  time to read it!

Just type “Nanticock, PA” click “news”.  

don’t get too excited.  It’s good news but it’s only in Permitting.  It could be years to never til ground breaking.  The Headlines make it sound like it’s happening now.

Companies are making crude oil out of recycled plastic bottles and gasoline has been made from coal but it can never be scaled large enough to be more than a drop in the sea of energy production. Great for Nanticock though!

Ralph,thank you for the acknowledgment,independent testing of motor oils are saying Penzoil nat gas oil is the best oil on the market right now. Seneca is gonna open and drill well pads Shell shut down in Middlebury thats why Seneca is doing so much leasing in Middlebury.Seneca drills a different process than Shell so they need all new wells can't use Shells down holes Seneca drills with a less drastic angle on the turn at the bottom gives a faster smooth flow.We'll see how that works out,I would think that will bring more debris to the top.

Paleface , great info on the Seneca updates .... I was not overly impressed with the results Shell was getting from the Tioga Utica .... Be interesting to see future results .. The Drilling folks get a bit smarter all the time ....  The world looks differently with N gas priced at $5 and marginal wells  then become profitable  .... Also good to hear that Seneca is leasing in the region ..... Seneca is a very conservative company , a  much lower Beta than other gassers , but a bit less risky as well ...... I currently do not own Seneca , but do keep abreast of their progress ... regards 

Any evidence out there that NG prices will go above $5 again soon?  Are gas companies still making plans to grow their production? 


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