How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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T bills took a nose dive today . If you bought last week , you were 'lucky' or smart .. Rate was close to 5.3% last week , today around 4.7 % . Bank CD's held up decently today . Next up commercial real estate problems ... World of problems await . Billions have been lost in the last few days , the domino's will contiue to fall in many sectors .. 

Oil getting whacked . Some now pay dividends close to 5% . Short term CD's still 5%

How will acquisitions be affected by the current financial situations?  Do lower stock prices improve those opportunities?

"Smart " outfits buy when gas is selling at $2.50 rather than $8 . 

The gas and oil co. continue to come up with cost cutting operations,whine racking is one way to cut cost and raise production in a stacked play.

What does "whine racking" mean? 

Its when they drill one down hole and drill multiple laterals at different depths to reach different plays saves the cost of a down hole for each well could be 4-5 laterals from one down hole.Could be a way to get better production from lower producing area's. This is touted as the way most wells will be drilled in the future.

Anything going on in the Utica shake oil window ? Thank you

Check out recent posts in this discussion and other discussions in GMS for EOG in Ohio.

Real pain , real damage being done . Just checked AR price . Its down over 50% , EQT and others in similar situations . GAs selling in the $2.40 range , nobody is making any real money at this point . Is there pain to come in Real Estate ? 


Paleface...What a great idea if it works!  It would be interesting to learn how the various lateral tubing is interconnected with the main tubing in the vertical portion of the well.  Also how the tubing is placed in the laterals from the main vertical bore?  Has this technique been used anywhere in the world? 

I suspect they are talking about drilling into the Utica and the Marcellus from the same vertical bore, or something like that in other formations.  If the price of gas goes way up, then previously marginal formations become economically feasible, especially if the pad and infastructure is already in place.


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