How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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In a capitalistic society, how do competing gas companies show more discipline in managing their own production?  And then throw associated gas into the mix...

Farmgas you hit the nail right on the head .... They should teach this the FIRST DAY of business classes ... Old Farmer says ? "What the cure for high prices ? High prices ... Whats the cure for low prices , low prices .".. This statement only works in a Capitalist system 

50 years ago in my college economic classes pricing was related to supply & demand equations.  Over supply meant lower pricing while demand was high.  How does the gas industry lower supply without collusion amongst themselves?  If gas company A reduces gas supply and company B & C do not, then company A suffers revenue loss.  Right?  

The trick is to buy gas / oil when prices stink and nobody wants to own it .... Sometimes easier said than done .... It takes a big set of [balls] when things look depressed 

Strip prices for 2025 in the $3,50 range .... Lowest cost producers win ....

The production slowdown seems to be working.  Pricing is edging ahead.  Good news for landowners in Central PA.

Equities have moved much quicker than Gas spot prices ... The current price inn the $1.80 range is unsustainable..... Hung out with a Chessie Landman yesterday ... Interesting stories ..... 

It`s reported Chesapeake Energy has plans to continue drilling wells and keep them in their inventory for TIL as needed when prices increase.  This sounds like a good plan for them.  Can smaller gas companies do this and not get a quicker return on their investment?  Will Chesapeake Energy drill more wells in Northeast PA now?  

farmgas, please explain. You wrote "Chesapeake Energy will continue drilling wells and keep them in their inventory for TIL."

What does TIL stand for? Also do you mean they will drill wells and cap them and not allow them to produce until prices rise?

A recent news report stated Chesapeake will do just as you mentioned. It was reported they will continue to drill wells with a plan to "turn them in-line" (TIL) when prices rise again.  Not certain where they will do this but maybe a positive message for the industry and Northeast PA where Chesapeake drills. 

Lack of takeaway continues to be an issue in the NE PA gas play .. Seems like CTRA has a reduced effort also ... COG wasted so much land / gas while prices where low in that region ....

Natural gas price continue to rise.  Where will it be this summer?  Will the current global problems impact the price?  EQT is making lease swaps in NEPA & Ohio


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