How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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2022 he will be impeached.

and hopefully the whole gang will be impeached, fired or jailed!

Pres Biden 'threatened OPEC " yesterday ,,, More oil or 'else ' 

 Ironic since he shut down proposed new pipeline from friendly Canada .......

 Current Gasoline prices are hurting Middle and Low Income Families ........  

Its very easy to condemn someone you do not agree with on just one important issue, especially if it directly concerns you. But if an obvious dictator, (Do as I say and not as I do), kind of person, comes along, that will not even listen to or consider other opinions to his advisors that he himself chose......... many folks are willing to chance to give up every "right" they have!   Granddad Ladd

As Biden attends "Climate Change " Conferences , he travels around Europe in a 85 Car / SUV Motorcade ...... Not even Electric cars ...... meanwhile Climate Activist Bill Gates has a Birthday Bash in Turkey on a Yacht with 50 'friends ' flown in by Helicopter... 

 The elite once again telling the rest of us how to live , while doing the exact opposite for themselves and Friends  

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is expected to create 2.2 million pounds of carbon to reach the summit - as he's bringing four planes, the Marine One helicopter, and an enormous motorcade

It was reported today that CNX Gas lost $1.5 BILLION during the 3rd quarter due to hedging.  How exactly does this work out, and how does wall street and bankers view this?

A refreshing comment and question Farmgas . 

 First ... Most often Banks require producers to hedge production to ensure the producer ability to repay the loan ... Hedges often run from 50 to 100% of production , the higher the levered an outfit is , the more likely higher hedges are required ... CHK recently was able to negotiate a 25% reduction to 50% hedges for 2022 .......Due to their current debt levels ...

Hedging losses are generally considered to be non cash ... The loss is a measurement of the difference between the actual price vs the locked in hedge price for the qtr ..... Outfits like CNX and EQT appear to be highly hedged for 2022 which diminishes Investor willingness  to own these stocks if Gas prices remain above the hedge price of these companies.... 

So then Trump must have put a couple trillion pounds of CO2 out with all the golf trips he took that he said he would never have time for while president.  Drilling increased dramatically under Obama and dropped under Trump.  Did either of them have much control over that?  NO.   The markets are the markets.

The XL Pipeline was BS from the start.  Canada didn’t offer us oil to refine.  What would have flowed thru the XL would have been mostly Bitumen from tar sands that takes tons of steam to even get it out of the ground.  Then to get it thin enough to flow and go to market it has to be thinned by stealing condensates at low prices from mineral owners in the Marcellus and Utica that get railed to Canada to dump into the pipeline.  We have enough real crude right here without using tar sands from Canada.  Even better, the local condensates hardly need refined to make gas.  Folks used to dump drip from the NG lines right into their gas tanks.  If people bitched as much about building local O&G infrastructure over the last several years as they do about their national politics they’ve been spoon fed, we would already have cracker plants, Ohio River export terminals, plastic and chemical plants from Pittsburgh to the Gulf.

A Heads up news report! I just saw a report where an oil well is on fire somewhere south of Greensburg, Pennsylvania.  One worker was reported to be burned and taken to hospital.  Have not found out any more details about it as yet.   Granddad Ladd

Looks like the news station flew their copter over and thinks they drill for oil up next to a house.   They were drilling for water, might have hit a methane pocket.


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