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      Today a contract agent for TGS-NOPEC stopped by with contract/permit for Seismic testing. $5.00 per acre for " normal and ordinary damages associated with seismic testing" . I didn't sign today until I do some research and where better to start than here ? Handwritten under special conditions is " permission granted for walk only / receivers only " . Agent states no charges or other equipment will be used on our land ( 10 acres ) . But the contract / permit grants them permission to map , survey , create accessible survey paths, etc . 

On the back is a Google Earth pic of our land with " Freeport 3D South map features "

Anything to be worried about or is this a standard part of the process ? 

Thanks in advance 

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NOPEC in Guernesy county for $5 an acre in late April 2014. However, I decided NOT to consent to the survey as they would not provide me with the results of my property. It is like going to the doctor and getting an MRI but not being able to see the results.

Not worth the trouble for $5 an acre.

FYI - My land has been leased since June 2011 but has been not drilled upon.

I have decided to let them pass me by as well , for 5 bucks an acre for 18 months and a one paragraph contract , it's not worth my time . Everyone around me has signed . . Many have sought legal advice and received the A-OK . I only have 9+ acres so they can overshoot or undershoot or whatever it is they do . 

I like knowing when and where people will be on my land . I guess it's just the city blood left in me :) . 

Thanks for responding , I always appreciate the help . 


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