We are in negotiations with Acsent..Wondering how much of my bonus check I have to give back to Uncle Sam.

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I always call my CPA for guidance.

It may be classified as capital gains.. as you will/may receive a 1099 form for your taxes..

You can sure ask Acsent, I'm sure they know..

It's rental income and taxed as ordinary income.  So the tax % will depend on how much other income you have. 


I'm working on a lease also and have done similar calculations also.

Spoiler: it will be lots!

As the others say, check with a tax professional for exact details, however an income tax calculator will get you close; here is one example: https://www.taxact.com/tools/tax-bracket-calculator

Don't forget state taxes!

Yes! It’s income. 

Darlene, where is your property?

Jefferson County Ohio.

My quick answer is usually 1/3 of the bonus amount.  A lease bonus is taxable as ordinary income.  There is much more to the answer though that involves estimating your taxes and all of your income for the year, potential tax planning options and the timing need to making estimated tax payments to get a more accurate picture and amount that will be due.  Contact your CPA to understand the tax ramifications and tax planning options when receiving gas and oil income.   If you dont receive the income in 2017, your tax answer will be completely different in 2018 with the impending legislation.

Thank You all

What form do you use for estimated taxes and what percent do you pay the state?

Corvette I make all my Federal Tax Payments through a web site EFTPS    Electronic Federal Tax  Payment System. Very user friendly system.

I will check it out, Thank you Terry.


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