TEXOH ENERGY PARTNERS LLC Stark County, Columbiana county OHIO

I've seen some leases filed in the stark and Columbiana county in Ohio  by a company called TEXOH ENERGY PARTNERS LLC, are they actually a driller, acquiring leases for someone or just a lease flipper?

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No, 3rd party company.  They have funds to pay your bonus but will assign your lease to a drilling operator. 

I was just curious as I know a few people had been contacted and the landagent implied they were an operator. They are only throwing out offers of $1250 per acre and 15% 

I think the voice mail said haggard land company/ TEXOH

I wouldn’t waste my time with Haggard.
I have offers from Del Rio, Ironhead and TexOH. Del Rio & Ironhead are the highest. They are all flippers.


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