Below are some pictures from our neck of the woods. Upload your photos below by clicking on the image icon.


Let's remember to pray for those facing loss and displacement.


In Reston VA yesterday

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A commuter parking lot in Reston VA - cna you imagine coming home to find this? Unfortunately, many of us probably can now.


Always a nice reminder....

anyone have any pictures from Tunkhannock
We couldn't get into town to see how bad things were-roads closed, imagine that! But The Citizens Voice has some here-Citizens Voice, on the left hand side is a link to the Tunkhannock photo gallery.
Thank you for sharing.  Although I own property and a well there, I do not live local.  I pray for everyone who has lost so much.  This type of event makes us remember that we are all vulnerable.  We must pull together.

Goodness.  You really don't expect this degree of flooding in the D.C. suburbs.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the folks who live in all the flooded areas of the Mid-Atlantic.



This is a nice slideshow of PA flooding--the music is distracting and unpleasant, though, so you may want to turn off your speakers. 


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