Now that the oil export ban has been lifted what will that mean for our domestic sales and prices? Will that hurt the OPEC countries when we start selling to China and the rest of the world? Seems to me like it will and will prices rebound as supply goes down and demand up.... What say you?

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Who will customers be ? ?

They better be 'vetted' allies if you want my opinion.

Enough infrastructure yet ? ?

I'd bet not.

Are there adequate shipping terminals ? ?

I'd again bet not (dependent however on who the customers are).

Time should tell all.

Standing by for info.

Good luck to all of us.

All as always JMHOs.

So how does Chennier (sp?) Energy and

Golar figure in ?  Wondering what their stock will do.

Cheniere Energy and Golar are the LNG overseas shipping big boys as I understand.

But this O. P. is about Oil. So I don't think they figure into the equation of Oil exports at all - unless they also ship (or want to ship) Oil and I just don't know of it.

For Oil exports to burgeon it would figure to me that overseas economies / industry would have to burgeon 1st.

But, maybe they're not growing due to a lack of oil as feedstock.

Wondering if (and who) interested overseas countries are (those that refine light oil and / or use it industrially) ? ?

Hoping they're reliable allies.

That's how I see it right now anyway.

Maybe we can read what some others think will grow Oil exports.

The effects from the lifting of the ban will be subtle and slow to develop.

Most of the oil produced in our area is "light crude".

With the ban in place there were few options for producers on where to sell. The lifting of the ban opens up opportunities.

Geo-politically - with U.S. production now an option many countries dependent on Russian oil (and the political influence it brings) have another option.

Availability of U.S. crude will blunt the impact of Iranian oil.

Ther are other ways that U.S. oil will have an impact around the world, which helps producers here at home.

Hopefully the main impact her in the U.S. is jobs.

Including Development and it's associated jobs up and down it's spectrum.


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