Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. For the second time in four years, the PA Legislature has taken action that will end up sticking it to the landowner.

The PA House of Representatives passed the Fiscal Code, the budget bill, on July 27, 2017, which includes a section, 1610-E, that will allow oil and gas companies to revive old leases that were thought to have expired.

Under this section, an oil and gas Lessor shall be deemed to acknowledge that a period of non-production is a temporary cessation insufficient to terminate the lease and the Lessor waives his right to seek lease termination upon those grounds, if prior to claiming that the lease has terminated: (1) production is recommenced and the lessor accepts royalty payments. Any first royalty payment after more than one year of inactivity is to be accompanied by an explanation that acceptance of an existing royalty payment constitutes acknowledgment of an existing lease or (2) the Operator, after notifying the Lessor of its intent to drill a new well and giving the Lessor 90 days to object, drills a new well under the lease.

There are a lot of old leases out there with onerous provisions or provisions that are just not very favorable to the landowner that can be revived though this process. Once thought to be dead, these leases, like Lazarus, can now be resurrected.

Section 1610-E was stuck into the Fiscal Code at the last minute. Something similar was done four years ago when a provision was inserted into Senate Bill 259 that allowed oil and gas companies to pool contiguous leases where there is no provision prohibiting pooling. This undercut the bargaining power of those landowners who had no pooling provision in their leases. As there was no pooling provision, the landowner could bargain for better terms. Now again, the PA legislature is undercutting the landowner's rights. 

EQT worked to craft this provision.

This bill, HR 453, will now go to the Senate for passage. Contact your state senator to stop this! Contact the Governor to stop this! 

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Sounds like a Republican thing.

Weird... makes you wonder if someone's paying them or something... hmmmmmmmmmmmm

gas co's are greasing some ones pocket to get this passed for sure

ha ha ha a Republican thing my arse... just Politicians as usual .... they ALL get money from  NG lobbies, and tons of other special interest groups... they stopped working for "we the people" decades ago... actually seems the south east PA representatives are more inclined to shove this in there, along with more taxes on the extraction of the gas, we are already paying income taxes on lease and gas royalty money .... welcome to the swamp ... Only way that will change is if "the swamp proposes legislation and votes to change it" ... fat chance of that... it's been a good ride.... 

TERM LIMITS!!!  It is a public service......not a career.

Throw them all out


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