does anyone know the going rate of timber in washington co. buffalo twnship. for pipeline row.....

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Did you get any feed back on this? We have been approached by a pipeline company to put a pipeline on our land in West Finley Township and wondered the same thing.  Any feedback would be great.

Also consider that you cannot replant trees after a cut over the right of way.  You should be compensated for the loss of future timber production over the term of the easement.  A forester can help you with determining this value.

There is no going rate as timber stands very by species, maturity, quality, density and more. Like Fang said, you need to have a clause requiring a third party appraisal with both parties agreeing to the appraiser.

Jim/Fang/Timber Guys:

Do you guys have a good pipeline timber clause that would require the independent evaluation of timber to be cleared and reimburesment for future trees that are undermature?  I really dont like the attitude well you get the trees that we cut and thats it.  Thanks in advance....i know you guys read and write a lot of posts.  Of course the grantee would pay the costs for evaluation.


I understand the logic that even immature trees have value based on the premise they will mature in time, however...

how does one project the value of trees that could be struck by blight, by lightening, leveled by fire between now and maturity? Don't forget drought either.  Then again you could be considering the future value of a sugar bush, a stand of cherry, walnut, oak. etc..  Any farmer can tell how volatile futurity markets are.  Pipeline folks know that too.

Get 3 quotes from the most knowledgeable foresters (WITH  credentials!) in your area and "go" with the best.  Follow the advice of Jim and a few others.  Also consider clauses beyond those pertaining to timber that will protect your well-being,e.g. size of pipe, #'s of pipes specified that can be laid, depth of pipe, liability issues, maintenance, etc..  There's much to be considered beyond the trees.


The timber issue is only one of 26 issues...dont worry i have a handle on it.  Thank you for the advice.


I am a consulting forester. I have been doing pipeline and well site timber appraisals in Harrison, Carroll, Jefferson, Columbiana, Mahoning,  Stark, and Tuscarawas counties. My contact information is listed below.

Jed Coldwell, ACF

Consulting Forester

Coldwell Timber Consulting, LLC


Good morn Jed, we haven't had much activity in Belmont but whats been your experience so far with these guys regarding reimbursement and what is considered marketable in your appraisals. Are you putting future values on "saplings" or potentially lost growing space as some of the above posts suggest. And are you using normal market report numbers to generate the appraisal or have you seen the O & G types paying something more than a timber company would in the course of their business. Give me a call sometime when you have a few, appreciate your thoughts.

Craig Kidney

Buckeye Tree Co.

740 633 9590

I am interested in valuation of timber on Jefferson County land I own. Currently negotiating for pipeline but unsigned.



I was in the timber business for years and I would like to say that selling/appraising timber right now is not a good value for the landowner.  For example:  in the mid 90s Cherry was selling for $2-$3 dollars/BF on the stump.  Today maybe 50cents. Oak was around $1/Bf , today 10cents.  So right now it seems like a rip off to me.  How do you know 10 years from now it won't be $5/BF ?  You don't!  Bad deal for you good for the pipeline people.  Just something to think about.

Thanks for the perspective Ed. We sold a good bit of cherry in the mid 90's so I guess that was a good time to do it.  We are only considering this in light of the pipeline ROW, which will take approximately 4.2 acres of woods down.  If the company is offering $2/Bf I guess that is above current market value.  Who knows when rates will reach mid-90's levels.  I will also bounce the idea off them that they should plant cherry saplings in other areas.  Maybe my kids can benefit from it someday.

These are all solid posts.  Including actual #'s to call is very useful.  In south central NY counties, and north central PA counties, CARTS Forestry Consulting comes highly recommended by past customers and current ones as well.  Pipelines are a must for the gas/oil industry, but making good use of ALL resources is a must for landowners. 

Contact Info:

Jon Anderson

Cell: 716. 969.1990

Home: 814.274.8757

Member: Soc'y of American Foresters,  Assoc. of Consulting Foresters, PA Council of Professional Foresters


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