I heard that it may take 4-5 years for the gas companies to come back to landowners in Sullivan Co due to the fact that they may lease state land 1st. Is this true?

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Yep no one can predict the future, but one important fact people forget is how close you are to a pipeline makes a difference. The farther you are away from a pipeline the longer you will usually wait for a well.
Sorry if I gave anyone false hopes on the timing of NY permits.

The latest reliable info has everything stalled until fall (read: elections) and who knows what will happen after that.

I am still hearing that marcellus drilling permits WILL be issued in NY but the political situation has stalled work at the DEC and it could be a while.

By the way, hydrofracing WILL happen, only because if the state were to ban drilling and fracing the landowners would have grounds to sue and be reimbursed for loss of use. And there is a large group chomping at the bit to start that class action suit already.
why can't we all get along?
do you have enough money to buy off the politicians? ;-) then I can guarantee you would be drilling by Monday!!!

this is still TAMMANY HALL.. just a 150 years later...


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