I just overheard a Tom Wolf commercial and golly gee willickers we all better get out there and vote for him!!  He wants to make sure our vocational students are educated in the skills and trade experience they need to ensure employment and access to good-paying jobs!!!!!!

er, wait, aren't most of those newer good paying vocational jobs tied to the increase in gas extraction activity, both primary and secondary?  Welding, diesel mechanics, machinists etc.........................

Well if these demo-crackhead candidates want to tax the crap out of the gas industry to ensure ample positive cash flow to the urban welfare queens, and said industry decides Ohio or North Dakota or wherever is suddenly looking much more promising, where the heck are these exceptionally-educated vocational students supposed to exercise their newly-honed skills?

So the vaunted severance taxes will supply ample travel and/or moving expenses also?


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As a USMC vet. All I can say is its easy spending other peoples money! We need smaller Gov.an we need to get more people in general paying taxes. From my understanding 45% of this country don't even pay taxes ! How does this happen?

thanks for your service rich, and welcome to the nanny state.

the state where people who vote for a living elect only those who will give them free stuff paid for by our taxes.

and it's gonna get worse...way worse before it's over.


Yesterday I had to run down to Montoursville and back, via 87 out of Dushore.  Somewhere right about the area between Barbours and Farragut, there's an old run down place on the left side of the road (heading south toward Montoursville) and painted across the entire front of what looks like a garage is:


I am not making this up.

who's making any of this up moldy?

there were 47% of americans receiving some sort of government money in the last election. they voted for the guy who promised them more. it's only natural, afterall, it's best to not bite the hand that feeds you, especially if you don't mind living in a cage.



Help me with this 47% who are receiving government checks.

Does it include those getting Medicare health insurance?

Does it include retired  military receiving pensions?

Does it include Social Security recipients?


If so, I would guess that a fair number of those voted Republican.

here's a little help.  over 70000 a month have been granted social security disability since Obama became president.  no investigations now.and the voting guess you made, there were a large number of precincts in philly and Cleveland where no vote was cast for Romney. a statistical impossibility.  get rid of the democrats in 2014 16.

don't forget gary, that Obama and holder will not let voter i.d. laws be enforced...it's racist to require a voter to prove that he's an American citizen.

so next election, it will be vote early and vote often for the democrats again.


steve, I think it would surprise you how many of those groups get scared into voting for dems at the national level.

my mother in law, god rest her soul, always believed those tv ads that told her that the republicans would take away her social security. nothing I said would sway her.


I think too many on here are missing the cause and effect of taxes and fees on corporations. They don't pay them! The end user does.

More powerful than Monica?

Weren't the Demos going to sell the Turnpike a few years back? Dump the double-dip Democrats!
What difference does it make? All the Republicans need to do is play that sound bite over and over. It's like Romney's 48% comment and it will kill her changes. The Dems would be crazy to run Hillary.

Now the question is, are the brow beaten Republicans smart enough to use it?


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