Even with the low selling price of gas I'm getting $165.00 per acre for royalties. (as of my latest royalty checks) Imagine the amount if gas was around $5.00 !!!

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Hey Zack,
Can I ask what your Roy. % is

My percentage is 18....with no deductions of any kind. They've held true with the no deductions.

Where is your property located?  How long has it been since the well was put into production?  

Marshall County, WV in the Majorsville, area. Wells in production for 2 years now. 11 wells in the 1240 acre 'super unit'. The production hasn't been sold. The driller was Noble. I leased with CNX, but they then partnered with Noble.

When I said the production hasn't been sold....meaning hasn't been hedged.

IMO, whether a producer hedges or not has nothing to do with your royalty check. They do not pass along hedge profits/losses to royalty owners.

Was the production sold having been hedged?

What was the sales price per mcf and bbl?

It's on the stub.

Our royalty is 12.5 with no deductions and it cost us $305 for Chessy to take it off our well.

Our problem in Appalachia is oversupply and infrastructure and until those problems are solved, our prices will be stuck on stupid.  I read an article the other day saying there is 10 Bcf/d of Marcellus gas waiting for infrastructure and price improvements.  To put that in perspective, right now total Marcellus production is right around 16 Bcf/d, meaning we could increase production by over 60% at the flip of a switch.  That's only going to push our prices lower.  It seems they cant build pipelines fast enough to cover the pace of drilling. The full article is here.


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