I can't believe there was an article Nov 21 for 12 thousand an acre under a park and there isn't one mention of it on here.

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The article appeared in the observer reporter

Hi rmc,


could you provide a link to the article?

Wonder why this isn't coming up on the post for today
Is there anyone in pa wv still looking on this site?

Yes, I'm still reading.

still here RMC any one got Rice Energy as a driller of there shale. Got a 2 week check from them as they bought our lease from Chesp. not very happy with there pay out or deductions Chesp payed 3.35 or more per well head Rice sold it for 1.70 our checks were better from Chesp. 


    Notify your state Attorney General by going to their website and use the form they provide. Scan and send your Royalty Statement along with the complaint.

If your state Atty General doesn't look into your theft, contact the US Attorney Generals office using the US AGs Website.

The reason you need to take action is that CHK is selling well products to Chesapeake Energy Marketing Inc (CEMI), which is selling to themselves, a violation of most state laws, so you were getting stolen from by CHK. If Rice is paying you a smaller royalty, they need to be stopped by the landowners using the state or federal governments.

Let me know if you need help putting together a complaint, I have a few that my atty gnl was sent that you can use for a template.

Iam sorry to hear that Jeff make sure to keep posting as to whats going on with Rice

12 thousand an acre may be a record for Ohio,wv and pa
Come on folks someone at least say OK or bull
All right on the list at least now


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