For your viewing pleasure, and education. I found this all just by searching online trying to educate myself on all the risk associated with drilling on our family farm. I know this is one sided but what an eye opener and a lot of questions to ask any one wanting to lease our properties. This is about an hour long documentary on the potential of polluting water supplies in and around drilling. VERY WORTH THE TIME TO WATCH I am only posting this for your review and hopefully get some great responses. Myself like everyone else has to put our water supply first before signing bonuses, royalties and the signing of a long term lease. Please let us know your thoughts on this, and hopefully we get some responses from landmen and oil and gas companies. PLEASE DON'T SHOOT THE SENDER....ROD

Watch online:

Here's the oil companies response..

And some digging into the response..

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Oil & gas/land acquisition company chiming in here...


1. Millions of wells across the United States have been fraced. 

2. Out of those millions of wells,  the number of ALLEGED frac-related contamination can be counted on two hands. 

3. Out of those alleged contaminations, nearly all can be traced back to lax regulation/improper techniques.

4. When contamination occurs, it is confined (usually only affecting one of a couple of houses, the alleged contamination in Dimock  only affected 14 residences). 

5. Contamination is easily dealt with, by either drilling a new water well or installing filtering equipment. 


People like Josh Fox make it into a "sky is falling" scenario.  It is not.  If we are properly regulating and enforcing proper drilling practices (which we are) then this is a VERY VERY safe process.   The percentage of the likelihood of having any sort of issue is along the lines of getting stuck by lighting, or dying in a plane crash.  


Rod:  I suggest you disregard the hyperbole and stick to investigating the cold hard facts.  Don't take the word of biased parties (me, owning a gas company or Josh Fox being a fervent environmentalist).   Also keep in mind that companies are working full speed ahead to make this even safer, like Halliburton with its100%  food industry derived frac mix, and companies switching to closed loop.   Most of the fear surrounding this is based on ignorance, and after a few years of these companies operating with few or no substantial incidents you will see most of that disappear.


Mike Knapp


Knapp Acquisitions & Production


MIKE,  Thank you very much for the great response.  Like I stated when i posted the video, I was really looking for the other side of the coin responses, not only for me, but other family members as well.  I needed to do my due diligence for all involved, and the great responses that have been received really should not only help me, my family members, but all of us that share this information sleep better, and more able to make an informed decision when the time comes.  I look forward to someday talking with a company like yours that helps us as a whole for the long term.  Rod



My pleasure.   Best of luck on your research.  



I think this is the Haliburton Site for information on technologies and formulations




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