is there a web site for pa that I can look at plats and pool declarations  thanks Bill

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I was trying to find out the same thing.There is another post on here about going to the PaDep web site,looking up "well completion reports" ,but I couldn't find the info I wanted.If you can find the post on the forum,it will give you the exact way to navigate,and you may have better luck than I did.I refused to pay money for this information from a marcellous website I follow.I also wish I could give you the exact name of the forum the info was on.Good luck with your search.

wv has a nice site you can look up every county in the state and get plats and pool decs but I cant find anything similar in pa that I can navigate easily 

I feel your pain-I ran into dead end after dead end..

The PADEP has a comprehensive website for just this sort of thing. Go to PADEP....look for Oil & Gas reports, then Interactive are after the Well Records and also the Completion Reports. Both records are VERY comprehensive, and will give you a huge amount of information. A side note; these are only available if your producer submits them electronically....not sure what happens if they don't.

Well Records are GENERALLY submitted first, and the Well Completion reports follow, but they could lag by several months

They are there....just takes some fiddling with the search engine....quickest if you have the well number, but you can search a bunch of ways.

Good luck with your search.

Thank you..the pad in question for me is just going on line,so there may not be any reports available yet.I will try again,as the company in question seems to be withholding the info I am looking for when I call their owner connection office.Thank you,Bullfrex.

Since these documents are filed in the county records, it would depend on if the specific county had online records access.


Thank you.I will check that out.

There does seem to be quite a bit of secrecy concerning these wells and their production.  But then conditions and decisions change almost daily and it would be very hard for an information officer to  keep up.

Some of these drilling units are (chopped up) into almost postage sized camps. Trying to reach each and every owner personally to discuss leasing  and sometimes trying to deal with an owner that is absolutely dead set against  drilling  can be a real setback. 


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