Does anyone know the average price per acre for selling O&G rights in Wetzel county? Thanks

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$2,500 an acre for a 1/8th royalty

If we own 100% of O&G rights? And want to sell outright? Sorry I know very little.


Much depends on where the property is located. Plus the answer to some questions is there a lease, the terms, is it included in a well unit, is there a well unit nearby, what is the production, etc.?

But, yes you could sell the rights "outright".

Thank you

How many acres and where are they located  in Wetzel county........Do you  know you are in the middle of a triple play witch is the Upper Devonian , Marcellus, and Utica  and possible a 4th play in the Rome trough. and when things pickup you could see income off those mineral rights for many many years to come!!!

I believe 52 acres, near Burchfield in Grant District. This is all I know. Family hasn't owned the surface land in over a 100 years, so exact location is lost on me. Thanks

hold on to ur rights if you don't need the money and if you do sell make sure you get what they are truly worth a lot of scam artist and flippers out there ....who get your rights then sell them for a good profit at your expense


You say that you do not know the exact location. How do you know you own something?

I would first find out the location.

Next, why sell?

Thanks for the advice!!
They were left to me in my father's will. But I have not been to Wetzel county in almost 35 years.


Does the will have a description?

Is there a Certificate of Transfer?

Do you know how your father acquired the interest?

Do you know when the mineral rights were severed from the surface?

You could post this question in the Wetzel County group Wetzel county group


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