Am I missing something here – oil over $100 a barrel and going up – from a recent article I read an equivalent amount of natural gas would be around $28 a barrel.  Why are we not moving more quickly on natural gas cars, trucks etc.  Why are there not more natural gas filling stations—especially in Western Pennsylvania where you can stand on just about any hill and count several gas wells?  I purchased a car 3 years ago and I could have purchased the same vehicle but have it run on natural gas – but no where to fill it up!!  It is a small car and I use it mainly for running around locally.  If there were some place to fill up a natural gas vehicle in my area I would have purchased one that ran on natural gas.  I wouldn’t mind spending even more for natural gas than oil because I know it would stay in the US and not be sent overseas. 

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BW, With oil rising to $80-90-100-110-120-130-140-150-160-170-180-190-$200 a barrell, you think somebody would do something! T. Boone Pickens warned us the last time Oil hit $150, that it would happen again... it will! Oil has jumped from $84 to $104 in just a couple of weeks. The why is very simple...they raise prices when ever they want to! The supply/damand principle has little to do what OPEC does! They control the production thus controlling the price...the masses are at the mercy of a few thousand people and a few countries who control all the oil production in the world!We have no leadership in Washington, and as a society are ignorant. I'am not trying to be nasty...just telling the plain and simple truth! Everybody agrees we need to end our Drug Dealer/ Drug Addict relationship with OPEC oil, but nobody is doing anything about it. Big oil will not take the lead...they are swimming in money...look @ their quarterly and annual profits the past 5-10 years! Watch their quarterly and annual profits the next 5-10 years! The amount of natural gas and oil in these great United States is mind-boggling...why don't we take advantage of this and say no to OPEC oil?...the reason is ignorance! T Boone Pickens has the plan...nobody is listening!!!!So as we start paying $3.00-3.50-4.00-4.50-5.00 a gallon for gasoline...none of us should complain!

The real problem here is that the increasing transportation costs are going to be passed on to us consumers...everything will go up in price...Food, Clothes, Car,Tires,etc.,etc.,Thus slowing down our economic recovery and possibly incurring another recession!


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