What is all the pipe being stored out side of Coshocton Ohio on the west side near that private landing strip for?

On my travel between Coshocton and Newark Ohio what is all that big pipe being stored for beside that private airport. Is there going to be a major pipeline going thru that area. All one size pipe and  a ton of it being hauled in.

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I saw that too if you are speaking of the pipe across from Graham Farm.

It is by that small landing strip  on the south side of the road to Newark.

Nobody knows what pipeline project this is all for?  They are still stacking them up.

There sure is a lot of pipe stacked up there for some type major pipeline.

Could be the ROVER  ??

That pipe is being received and stored for the LEECH EXPRESS pipeline. Laying of the line will not begin until 2017 however the pipe was ordered prior to the decrease in production in the area so the pipe had to be received. TG Mercer is the company receiving and yarding the pipe.


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