Why is it that there is all this negativity about the Utica lately but offers to buy my minerals in Harrison county are going up????

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The Utica isn't worth a crap, so all you landowners may as well just sell your mineral rights.   REALLY?   Let me take my ballcap off and check to see if it says STUPID on it!

Truth to me is that the whole 'play' is about the O & G boys seizing control of the resources for absolute!y the least amount of expense as possible and afterward continuing to work toward keeping control of it and lessening their expense by any means possible and seemingly with the assistance of our legislators.

Development being an expense will be at their total discretion.

Landowners seem to be only an obstacle to be stepped over or walked on.

All in my most humble layman landowner opinion - as always.

my understanding hilcorp can drill from the odnr geological report that they are aloud to drill but have to have seismic testers with in a mile.

Pat my understanding too.

Something is funny about US really ramming this negativity down our throats.  Hilcorp is fracking a well less than three miles north of the Poland wells , the Ambrosia.  Just last week, a gathering line shooting west from the Hickory trunkline is surveyed heading west to the Ambrosia then following the PA border north to the other new permitted wells of Hilcorp.  Hilcorp secured what 16 permits right after the tremors?  The Hickory pipeline, bigger than what I seen and followed in Columbiana is dug like mad up here.  US seems to have this curtain along the PA/OH line and keeps it drawn.

ops,thanks for no one getting on me i was it a hurry today, allowed not aloud

Utica, is it correct to say that you do not work in the Energy industry? 

You continue to be sellective on the data you post.

1.  Why do you not include Positive data in the deep fairway in PA.?

2.  You sellectively post negative's of the NORTH deep fairway, what does YSU professors have to do with development?

3.  You skirt, the question of your identity and who you work for?

5.  Expound on the two faults in Mahoning and scientific data WHY drilling is limited.

6.  You throw out Geatches well, what negative is factually associated with this?


More than ever now, I feel you are misleading us Landowners.


I think your right , I come to the same conclusion some time back, when I made a fue posts that didn't fall into his /her way of thinking. my question to Utica was the same as yours. never ansuered..... wondered why?

Donald,  We can settle this question once and for all here on GMS and move forward.

Utica Shale, 

For the record, I have asked you this question before, Do you work in the oil and gas industry?

Within 24 hours, if this question remains unanswered by you, us Landowners will accept that you are and employee of the energy industry and biased.  If your answer is NO, we will require credentials to substantiate your posted data.

Utica, There you go again, calling me names, "Strawman, Bully?"   Look at my posts, trying to be very professional, you?  It's like a kid throwing a tantrum, please stop dragging me into the mud with you.  You started the attack, reread your posts, let's debate professionally.

Landowner representative, yes, Trumbull landowners PM'd complaining.

If you want to remain "hidden" that's perfectly fine.  BlueFlame visited me awhile back, he likes to remain private, but he doesn't "interpret data" to drive down value of property.  Read the post you made above and read the questions I have, YSU professors?, you posted that to devalue, very clear what you are doing.  It is your veiled interpretation, your negative assumptions that I have a problem with.  Look at you last sentence even, do you have any GOOD?  My God, just post what Hilcorp and NiSource are doing!  I don't think you are with the energy industry, IMO you just don't want thousands of us to see that you really have no applicable credentials at all. 


"Look at my posts, trying to be very professional, you? "

This is hilarious. You actually said this with a straight face not 24 hours after correcting someone's grammatical mistakes (which, BTW, you ought to be careful about casting stones, given the precarious nature of your house of cheap glass). I guess when you're a carnival side show your definition of "professional" is quite a bit more, shall we say, generous. 


Something with your profile is messed up.


You are in the wrong here. STOP!

Keith Williams


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