Why is it that there is all this negativity about the Utica lately but offers to buy my minerals in Harrison county are going up????

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U. S.,
You're really sounding like you have some kind of agenda against exploration and development of the Utica northern tier.

Why is that ?

There's no proof that the north is too shallow to be productive.

We need more exploration and development in the northern tier if you ask me.

I think that's what US has tried to convey, that based on current results it is unlikely that companies will risk the investment required to "prove" the reserves. Nobody buys a "pig in a poke."

That the north is unproven is not Utica Shale's fault. Come on,do you really think he's so powerful (no offense intended, US) that by responding on a message forum he can deter development in the northern Utica? All he can do is the same thing as the rest of us--analyze the results. The ODNR records the well results. Do you think they are in on "the agenda" too?

It is what it is.


  We are all entitled to our opinions. In my opinion, you have weathered the test of time by  consistently posting pertinent informational data. I particularly appreciate your weekly summary of ODNR permits and completions by county & driller. I'm certain it took considerable effort to set up the spread sheet, coupled with perseverance to maintain the weekly update.

  I for one am much appreciative of your efforts. Pertaining to Northern versus southern Utica, the facts speak for themselves. Personally, I hope some E&P does "crack the code"in the north and enriches our northern brethren. I'm a native of the northern region, and have watched the area decline over the years due to forces beyond local control. NE Ohio seems to be star-crossed. In fairness, the region has greatly benefited from manufacturing opportunities in support of the Utica play.

  Finally, I also post anonymously strictly by personal preference.



Negative verses positive is all a matter of perspective.

The development of the Utica shale is still relatively young; the companies are learning as they go at this point. I do not take any one piece of information as a negative.

For instance the developments with Halcon and BP. Does this mean the Northern Utica is dead and will never be developed ? I don't believe that. It just wasn't for Halcon or BP. I still believe it will be developed, but not for some time until completion techniques are refined and the economics change. Is it a negative fact that the Nothern Utica isn't being developed right now ? No, it's just a piece of information.

Ok, We can all take a deep breath and agree on this one point:

This is cutting edge technology, fraught with mistakes, successes, and everything in between.

Advancements in anything like this has never been illustrated a linear line, going from invention one day to completed system the next day. There will be plenty of "fits and starts" as the companies and technologies experiment with not just the methods, but the mapping of the very ground beneath our feet.

Darn few of us know what the heck is down there, both vertically, foot to foot or over the span of thousands of square miles. The O/G industry is basically taking an exploratory dentist drill (that steers) and doing a colonoscopy of the Earth using bad eyes.  a lot of strange things will happen. (Did I just say that?)

Let us discipline ourselves to not impune posters: we all take some of these posts with a grain of salt.

I don't need a bitch session, I need information and will filter it out on my own. This is business.

Concurrently, as some of us are going completely through this process, we can reciprocate and be helpful (or at least try to be) if we don't degenerate into one of those comment sessions that we see after every controversial article that gets posted on the internet.

The "truth" is being revealed, slowly but inexorably. And patience IS hard!

The secondary and tertiary market for valuing our mineral rights are still being established as we speak.

Be nice.


Landowner/Leaseholder.      Pad owner.    Now in production.

What is the Truth????..............there is no spoon!

Gas Boy,

Please clarify.

A little too cryptic.

I do not follow.


He watched the Matrix........it is a line from the movie!

Thanks Paul,

Saw that movie too.

Didn't sink in.

Doesn't surprise me however as movies that I happen to watch go in one ear and out the other and then I even forget about most all of what I see !

I just remember Keanu Reeves contorting in slo-mo dodging bullets on that one.

Utica Shale and Marcus Grayson,

I appreciate the perspectives supplied by both of you. And no, I can well
speak for myself. No one else need speak for me.

Unless--and until--the existing Mahoning Co. permits are utilized or another

major oil/gas company comes to town, it appears unlikely that any additional drilling will occur. Most want the drillers to come back, but they won't drill just to drill. Too much investment involved not to have an adequate monetary return.

Just consider the source of the badgering.

(not directed to anyone specific, just think  objectively about it)

Let's say I have 2 parcels of land for sale.   20 acres each.  no leases on either. Asking price is 3K per acre.

One parcel is in  Northern Utica ( Trumb.)  and the other in Southern Utica (Monroe).

I will only sell one of the parcels.

Based on the information you have today....which would you want to buy?

I know where I'd put my money.


If I could find that deal.......I'd drive to the seller with cash in hand!

Thinking a deal like that just doesn't exist in Ohio's southeastern Utica PP zone.
Thinking also the same circumstance exists in Ohio's northeastern Utica PP zone.
A deal like that probably can't be found anywhere in the Utica PP fairway.

P.S. :
LOL / heh heh / ho ho / ha ha / etc., etc., etc. and so forth.


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