GMS members voted overwhelmingly for Corbett in our GMS Poll, so GMS landowners may be experiencing some angina this morning.

What does this mean for PA and the Marcellus?

Here was our poll...

Here are the actual results...

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in the last 4 or 5 elections i voted in very little changed.. you could bitch all day about who has the majority, im a landowner in the marcellus and a union dem so its same old bs.

Lauren I totally agree with you. Seems these tea baggers are basking in their victory with dreams of a government takeover. I am a teacher. Dysfunction from both parties. I hope Obama vetoes everything the Republicans ask for just like they said no to everything Obama wanted. Just think two more years and we will have Hillary as president! Can't wait! Go Democrats! Democrat and Steelers fan for life. Oh and I am a mineral rights owner in Greene county.
You are obviously why are education system is failing. No grasp of basic US government. The teacher needs a lesson.

This is the real deal to be focusing on:

  • Chesapeake Energy (CHK -0.3%discloses that it has received subpoenas from the U.S. Justice Department and states seeking information on its royalty payment practices to mineral owners.
  • CHK is facing several lawsuits from landowners and others who say it has underpaid royalties for natural gas and natural gas liquids through the use of improper deductions or below-market pricing.
  • CHK, which also is being probed by the DoJ and states over possible antitrust violations related to land purchases, says it is responding to the subpoenas.

Dan, give it up.  No landowner (save for a few crackpots) is defending Chesapeake.  We are rural people.  We know a skunk when we smell one.  You are correct that Chesapeake stinks.  But we landowners already are well aware of that and have been for a really long while.

Frank, I'm not sure what I should be giving up! I'd appreciate further clarification on that.



Dan, I totally believe you did not understand my post.  There is none so blind as he who refuses to see!

Frank, is that what you call 'further clarification'? 


It's what I call appropriate.

 ty debra and true both parties are dysfunctional at best, thank you for being a thinker, and knowing knowledge is power, no one purchased their land knowing that drilling would take place decades later, and no one was forced to sign a lease, feel free to drill for your own gas at your own costs thats your right, and no cow required, and Rag who cares how many union employees wolfe has, how many union employees does walmart have? seems republicans are just not happy without being at war with someone, and the billions spent on unnecessary wars will never compare to a PA gas extraction tax, bring on the women presidents, we women own half the worlds $ anyways, at least that will give these simpletons something to bitch about other than how painful and taxing it is to walk to that mailbox for that free monthly royalty check be thankful for what you have. 

Yawn......time to watch the Daily Show eh Lauren.

Ragnars Repo, dismissiveness adds little to our understanding of the issues at hand. Make your points with facts and discussion. All else is of a bullying nature and not really valuable or worthy of response.



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