GMS members voted overwhelmingly for Corbett in our GMS Poll, so GMS landowners may be experiencing some angina this morning.

What does this mean for PA and the Marcellus?

Here was our poll...

Here are the actual results...

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what bothers me the most here is many are complaining about what might happen and we are all getting ripped off in our royalty payments and specifically on post product charges and our current Governor is doing NOTHING to help. Where are our state Senators and House members. We get a bill and it dies. I would submit NOBODY is trying to help the landowner but they do a great job of getting their pictures take in the local papers! I hope the new Governor goes after the gas industry with hammer and tong to get them to pay their fair share al around. Quite frankly I'm tired of getting 5-6 cents on the dollar. And yes I am a land and lessor in Bradford and Sullivan County!!!


    Take your complaint up with the new Attorney General. I was going to send my complaint to Eric Holder the week he announced that he was resigning. The new AG will be hearing from me as soon as she is sworn in.

I think most people forgot that if the state is not supporting the landowners by enforcing the laws, the Federal Government needs to be notified.


Need a good old fashion bribe, lets all donate 1/20th acre royalty to Wolf enterprises.

Bungalow Steve, no bribe needed. Rather, get behind the efforts to bring class action suits and individual suits against the tactics used by CHK to defraud its landowners. These may take a lifetime to resolve of course, but the 'feel-good' smacking back is not to be underestimated.


I feel that if wolf pushes through his severance tax it will either make it too costly to drill in PA, or more likely scenario is that it will be passed on to the landowners. Therefore the landowners will get screwed over once again.

Kevin, to your point that there may be things done that will kick the landowner-we as landowners need to be clear about what we accept or don't accept. If there is something that comes down the pike that you feel is unfair, speak out loudly.An excellent start is this site of course, perhaps followed by a 'call to arms' request for likeminded folk to bring a spotlight on the unfairness objected to. Certainly  a petition might be in order, also informing our representatives about it-in short, we need to be vigilant and not remain silent. We can bitch/moan/groan- but in the end we need to be effective. Ask yourself and your neighbors what actions, if any, you're comfortable supporting with your pen and your voice.


It means that Philly area and Pittsburg area once again have decided the fate for the entire State. It also means a lot more of the landowners money will be supporting many of those who vote and then sit on their lazy butts and collect free money instead of working for a living.  It also means once again 60 percent of the republican voters were to lazy to VOTE..........................................It also means we have just elected Obama and the liberals to run our State !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually it means the billionaire gas company's will have to pay more in taxes on the billions of gallons of gas the extract meaning less chance of landowners paying more. Corbett was the tax man cutting education severely prompting school tax increases across the board for landowners to pay while the gas man makes more $ the people of pa spoke loud & clear in that education means more than $ gas company's are just whining trust they are going nowhere and if you signed after sept 2013 your royalties are protected from excessive deductions, if you truely believe the gas company's are being honest with you to begin with then it's you who needs more education.

Anyone that thinks gas from wells is measured in gallons, also needs a little education. Natural gas is the only thing you can think of that cost less today than it did years ago. Guess what?? HEATING YOUR HOME WITH NATURAL GAS, JUST WENT UP !!!!!!  Anytime any levy is placed on corporations, the end users have the cost passed down. The corp eats little or nothing of the cost....I have grandchildren and I have have not seen any of them suffer from Corbetts education cuts,but I have noticed the people in Pa. have not had their income taxes raised in the last four years and for the first time in years we has a balanced budget on time. Yes the GALLON GAS taxes are going up, but have you noticed the thousand of miles of road improvements in Pa. All his taxes will go to new bridges and roads not to LAZY people who won't work for a living.....


Jack, Do you heat with NG? I pasted Columbia Gas's request for a rate hike here on GMS last year for areas of PA. Which was approved, and they have asked for another which will total over 25% over the last few years. NG price to PA consumers and school taxes have sky rocketed in the last few years. The reds and the blues have been fleecing PA for a while now.

An increase while NG prices at a long time low?

Yes Columbia Gas. In some places they own the storage, Transmission pipes and the consumer end. How did their costs go up to justify an increase.


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