I notice that the site has put up “DELETE” buttons next to some of my comments. But even more alarming is noticing some comment’s, like the one letting members know a little about ‘finance’ and the tricks used to CHEAT the landowner, have just vanished. I will assume that like all bad thing’s, the last thing a perpetrator wants is an enlightened victim. It is hard to pull the wool over someones eyes that are wide open due to knowledge.
With that said, I wonder who put up this site to look over the sheep. All the other sites were dismantled, yet this one ....

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I'm not sure which sites you were referring to OhHenree  but if you notice when you make a reply,  up at the right hand corner there appears three tiny dots.  Putting your pointer on those dots and pushing the mouse button,  You can delete your own comments.  

Just for fun try posting some nonsensical garbage and post it. then go back and find those three tiny dots up on the right hand corner of your posting.  You should be able to delete your own nonsensical garbage. I think that in place of your posting a message will appear stating that your posting was deleted by you.  Other comments or postings from other members will not have those three tiny dots except on their own postings.

Granddad Ladd

Maybe AN "X"  instead of three dots to delete your messages.


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