This past summer there was a flurry of activity everywhere in Pulaski Pa.  Now its dead quiet.  The activity on Maple Lane has all but ceased!  Looking at well plat maps from the DEP, I should be in the Whiting South Unit.  Nothing really going on there either.  Seems Hilcorp has picked up and moved on to other twps.  Or am I missing something??

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there are 3 wells going in just south of pulaski. plus all the pipe line work.

Not so quiet off of N. Valley View and High Hill Road. Noise from the 2 newer wells off High Hill being fracked just ended last week. Construction seems to be moving along on the new well pad off of Old Pulaski Road with permits for 7 horizontal wells, which just got approved by the supervisors last week.They are also moving forward with the infrastructure needed to move the gas and oil. They are building another central facility off of 208, as soon as they get all the approvals they need. That should come by the end of December.

Wow, thanks Michelle.  I guess there is still a lot going on.  My question though is why do they not finish what they started before they move on to another site?  Its all good that things are active on Valley View and High Hill area, but what happen to all the activity on Verno, Artman and Whiting S. wells?  Why do they drill a couple legs, them pack up and leave??  I ask because like I said the Whiting S. well is $$ in my pocket, but not if they aren't drilling or fracking.

I guess I also have a fear that with all the negativity written about Pulaski and Hilcorp in the New Castle News, and all the crazy anti-fracking people...Hilcorp will up and leave for good!

Anyone know what is going on with the Majevic well? 

To the best of my knowledge three legs drilled waiting on next step.

Hi Jody!  I hope that you and your family are well.  I was told that the reason why they drill a few and then leave is to lock up the land so they do not have to release.  So if by drilling three wells they can tie up all of the land in the units when the lease expires they will not have to release as they are now in a producing unit. 

Thanks Mark, I was afraid of that.  Hope we don't have to wait yrs before we get any royalty money!  That would be a bummer!

Mark I don't think they would come in and drill three wells just to tie up the tract, all they do is come in and drill a rat hole its a pipe about 20ft long they drill down then leave the site .then like magic  they have drilled on your land and now your land is all tied up.

I do beilve that if they fully drilled on it  your in like flint 

Hilcorp is being sued by one of the nearby leaseholders. I would bet that's why there isn't much going on there right now.

What exactly is going on with this lawsuit?  I am in the drilling unit for the Majevic well and am very curious because when I last spoke with a hilcorp representative the well was to be fracked before the years end. 


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