Would you sign a new lease for $4000 bonus 20% no deductions?

Would this be a good 5 year lease to sign?

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Where is your property?

Crawford, Mercer, Venango, Warren counties in Pa.

I'm from Monroe Co. Ohio I would most likely take the money, my lease runs out at the end of this year and Antero said they are not going to renew, current lease is for $6,000 an acre 20% no deductions except for enhancements. but I don't know about your areas. 

They won't pay $6000 per acre upfront for a 3 year renewal? Did  they offer $1200 per year for up to five one year renewals?

5 year renewal, and no they said they were not going to renew the lease.

Where in Monroe County?

Bethel Twp. south east portion

james where at in warren county ??

Sounds great.

I hope you have an experienced O&G attorney to address many things not usually included in a 'no deductions' lease.

Let us know how you progress.

Good luck!

I haven't done anything yet, still waiting for an offer to come along. I would like to get a lease with similar terms like this.


Are you hoping for a lease like that or do you know of offers in that area. Just curious as I know of  no activity what so ever. Hilcorp let a lot of leases expire and I know of no interest by anyone at this point.

Hoping like many others, lol.


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