WV OPENS Bids for Drilling under the Ohio River from Wetzel, Marshall, &Pleasants Co

Here is news article saying the WV is seeking bids to have drilling under the Ohio River from Wetzel, Marshall, and Pleasants Co WV.


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According to today's edition of the Wheeling Intelligencer, bids for drilling under the Ohio River are to be opened this Friday, Sept 26 at 1 pm.

Here is my guess as to who has placed bids:  Gastar and Magnum Hunter/Triad Hunter for sure--IMHO.

How much acreage does the state own under the river ?

We the people of Marshall county don't want drilling under the river! There is already many area's with drilling permits' drill there! We don't want are water ways polluted when all the earth quakes comes! and they will! we already had some last summer.

So drill baby drill! In another area where properties are already leased and waiting on a drill rig! like Noble or Guernsey county!

What happens to property owners of homes or camp site along the river. I was told years ago these people own so far out onto the river? We own our own camp grounds on river in Tyler county and do know we have always been able to fish off our dock without a license.


Not sure about that! I believe you still have to have a license you don't own the water or the fish...lol

Yes I believe there might be true to owning out so far! if it was recorded before they raised the water level. Not sure though.


You do not need a license to fish off your own land unless yout live out.of state. But no one owns the water ways except the state unless it is a lake or a pond. FYI

I know it is a boat load of land from tyler up to pa. I agree with everyone who thinks we should leave the water ways alone.

I think it's sad that are local governments can even have one little thought of drilling under the river! really is that necessary!!! Why can't they just leave the water ways along. heck they have strict laws when it comes water ways around camps and houses in  the country! you have to be so many feet from a creak or stream for everything. so afraid of polluting them, well what you think if they have problems drilling and they do I have seen many nasty picture and articles of drilling companies paying big fines for illegal spills and dumping! and bad practice!! so drill the leased land and leave the river alone! They just want to use the river water for fraking. It's bad enough they are taking out of the river already in Marshall co. by the truck loads on the hour every hour of the day. just across from my residence! Plus I got more to come that I can't say as of now! would jeopardizes my job or I would.....   

WV opened bids for drilling under the Ohio River.   According to article in Marietta Times, Marietta Ohio four companies place bids:   Triad Hunter(Magnum Hunter),   Noble Energy, Statoil,  and Gastar.     It is only 14 acres according to the article.

WV will decide in the next couple of weeks who is awarded the bid.

In the article Triad Hunter's bid was the only one detailed,  lol they are located in Marietta.

18% royalty and $17.8 million upfront for a five year lease from Triad;   Other three offered 20% royalties but no upfront money was listed.


And another article with more details on the bids and for what specific areas the bids are for and from what mile marker to mile marker each company was interested in.



Correction; the article said it is for 14 miles of river land, not 14 acres. Also said more may be leased at a later date.

Thanks Jim, my mistake.   Also haven't figured out if they had bids for every mile  available or if the various companies bypassed some of the miles.  

More detail would certainly be helpful. They should tell what mils are involved and just how many total acres there. Then we could figure out a per acre rate which would help nearby landowners know the going price.

If tbe river is 624ft wide the price /A is $16000+. If someone knows width of the river, please respond to make this correct.


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