WV OPENS Bids for Drilling under the Ohio River from Wetzel, Marshall, &Pleasants Co

Here is news article saying the WV is seeking bids to have drilling under the Ohio River from Wetzel, Marshall, and Pleasants Co WV.


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I thought i saw station was a little over 8k per acre bonus. It was the highest. I also see that they may be bidding on sections. Not the whole thing.

They also need to announce how many acres they are allowing.
If it is $8k, that would make the river around 1248 ft wide. Thanks for input Jason.
Jesse. With two layers of wet gas and large dry gas wells also being hit. The economics are there......they will drill.

I really hope they get shot down in drilling 14 plus miles? come on there is something bound go wrong somewhere among those miles of drilling. Now this is really going to strike up some anti-frackers! And hope it does! once they mess up the water source everyone will be crying and there won't be nothing anyone can do about it! months and even years of bringing water to everyone! and the fines will be so high the O&G won't know what to do! I say stick to what they are already doing and drill the acreage that is already leased!! why chance it....let's be sensible and quit taking chances. 


So I guess that means we should shut down those salt mines under Lake Erie.  After all, they are only 2000' below the lake bed!

Come on folks.  I would rather worry about an earthquake in WV than live in Los Angeles.

How deep are they drilling?

How will it impact the economy in WV (since we own the Ohio river)?

How will it affect my retirement (I retired in December and just signed a lease for my 118 acres)?


You can't eat the fish now..... Unless you want to glow in the dark.

Sorry if I stepped on any toes, but the average depth of the Ohio River is 24'.

I have a 500' elevation drop between my lowest and highest elevation on my property.

If drilling under the Ohio River was so dangerous, then drilling under the property where my home is would cause me more concern.

Maybe I am missing something here.....

Who owns the Ohio River anyway ?   Isn't there another state on the other side of it ? Just my thoughts.  

Nancy,  WV and KY actually own the Ohio River.  

However, there could be an issue in regards to property owners that could perhaps own to what is referred as the low watermark if their property borders the river.   Definitely it would be a complicated issue to determine if the property owner actually owned it prior to some agreement signed by the states.   I don't know all the details involved with this, but always hear some riverfront property owners talking about owning to the low water mark.

Many Thanks Searcherone !   Your information is Greatly Appreciated !   God Bless...

Why why the river! there is so much acreage out there that can be drilled first! Why risk drilling and it's not needed at least at this point! The earthquakes will come soon! We had one last summer and it was scary for the first time! We drink that water after it is filtered and chemical process is done.


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