Hello All,

I was dropped from eclipse last year, and have heard nothing about what is happening, I have property on Laughman rd down the road from the fairgrounds. My question is does anyone know if anything is going to happen, who is the recent driller in the area? if any, and is anyone leased in this area and by whom?

Any info would be appreciated, Thanks 

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At the moment (Eclipse or Montage Resources) was purchased by Southwestern Energy Company. As of when MR was the parent company they planned on a few new drillings at the start of the year and now that SWN has purchased Iam not sure what the formal plans will be. The area you are located you have ascent or (MR/SWN) active. The only other company active in this area is Artex in noble county.

I'm in the same boat over in Oxford. I hope the drillers will show interest to beat any government interference with fracking. You would think that a drilled well, even if shut in, would be to their advantage if the hammer drops.

A frac ban is only possible on federal lands.  Operators are not delaying operations for any fear of a private lands ban.  Purely market driven.

I also wonder if someone contract onto your property without your knowledge is that possible
My apologies it was supposed to say can someone Frack under your property without your knowledge and how would you find out about it

It's unlikely.  The oil and gas companies have to file for permits, and they have to include the proposed unit plat when they do that.  Not to say that it couldn't be done, but I imagine there are harsh penalties involved if they drill outside of their permitted area, especially intentionally.

Thanks G. H.


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