I posted this question in the Tioga County forum but didn't get many responses.

Shell is in the process of buying quite a bit of property here in northern Butler County and the surrounding areas. I was looking for any feedback regarding your experiences in dealing with Shell. from Initial negotiations to how they conducted the drilling/fracking operation to pipelines to finally getting some sort of royalty income. Whatever. So far I haven't heard a whole lot of negative stories with them as with other companies. Are they one of the better companies here at the moment or are they just big enough to pay people to keep their mouths shut?

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Glenn I'm jealous of that power steering my Rincon doesn't have that.Tell me how you like that when you try it out.

Will do , paleface.


Power steering is awesome! I highly reccomend it.

Well , gotta go plow some snow!!


Nice Glenn, enjoy!

My experience has been good as well... so far. We are signing the lease papers tomorrow. There were a few very minor wording issues which were taken care of the next day. The landman said they were running right up to the 90 day limit right now. Not going to fuss over a week or so late if that happens. You don't drop 6-7 billion without being serious about drilling.  No word on them being interested in drilling or me being included in a drilling unit yet. Looks like they are drilling the East Resources properties before their leases are up. Probably going to have to wait a while.

Has anyone been contacted to drill recently? I try to check efacts & the DEP's websites several times a week but haven't seen anything new for a couple of weeks from Shell.

What were the minor wording issues if you dont mind me asking?

Misspelled our name on the addendum and had our address as "Lane" instead of "Road". They also forgot to add my wife to one of the leases. They printed out new addendums and brought them to the notary during the signing. Not worried about the address. It's been screwed up since we bought the properties and our mail comes just fine.

We have been leased w/ East/Swepi for nearly 6 yrs. We are in the extreme SE corner of Tioga Co., PA. They have been drilling big time around us for a couple yrs. JUST completing the pipelines / compressor station now & said gas will be flowing by spring. We are unitized. As for working w/ them.....they are OK I guess. Don't tell you much. We just wait & see what happens. We recently refused to sign ANOTHER pipeline ROW that wouldn't benifit us at all. Told them we will sign if a couple of conditions were met. Didn't hear anything for a month, now the big shots are calling & kissing up. They seem to be concientious & really stress safety, runoff, environemental impact, etc. They said they are still actively leasing in PA & swapping prop. to make units. Rumor has it that a new well pad in our area will have 12 laterals & they will be nearly 2 miles long. They call it a "super well." Haven't done any others in PA. We'll see! :) When I see the 12 holes I'll believe them.  

big company. have to play by all rules since they are in the public eye at all times. best foriegn company IMHO

That's my thought as well Larry. And I think they are in it for the long haul.

I heard from landowners in northern Butler Co. that the Shell landmen are basically saying "here's our lease, take it or leave it".  Hard to "leave it" when they are paying $3250/acre, so the landowners sign the lease (w/ who knows what in it) just to get the money.  Looks like they will be slaves to Shell.

Slaves didn't get paid, so I think they're ahead...


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