We signed a lease with gulfport in 2017,along with  10 of my cousins .my grandfather owned some mineral rights.live in Columbus and keep checking on the belmont county ohio land records and see a lot of activity under my name of between gulfport and rice.I checked the activity of this well which we are in a pool.I see where this well has produced in the 1st and 2nd quarter.we have not seen and money yet.tried calling gulfport and rice which I guess is now eqt.Talked to a person at eqt  and they said no record of us.,but I have papers showing us in this pool.gulfport cannot get hold of anyone.Any one else have same problem,any advice.thanks

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If anyone needs a good oil&gas attorney; it's you!

My contract says that after 5 years another bonus is to be paid but Gulfport says it is not owed. Why cannot they be honest without having to get an attorney?

Do you need a good Oil and gas attorney, not a divorce attorney!
yes. we are having the same issue with both EQT and Gulfport. We signed with Rice back in 2012 and we have four wells going across our property but so far nothing. No one will ever call you back. I have the names of five different customer service people I have spoken to and they say that someone will contact me but it has been months and still nothing. Wish we had never signed with them.


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