They went through here again today on RT 250. Not sure why but heard a rumor that a company with land/leases did not trust the previous readings or company. Anyone hear anything?

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It looks like Hess is doing a seismic survey of a 400 square mile area.  This might be part of it.  I am guessing that each company does their own survey and keeps the results secret.

Do you know which well they are calling "the marquette well"?

I do not know, but this is the only well that I can find that matches the description.

API: 34081205030000
Operator: Marquette Exploration LLC
Status: Drilled
WellType: Horizontal
Formation: Utica
Category: Deeper Pool Wildcat
Acres: 640

Here is a Google Earth Map of the drilling unit.  You will need Google Earth installed on your computer to view the map.   You can click on the large placemarker for a link to the well documentation.


Thanks Philip

Perhaps the Poterfield Units? Those were Marquette wells originally intended to be drilled into the Marcellus. Hess now owns them.

I believe this is the Hess well just east of Bloomingdale in Jefferson County, flared for a month during the Holidays, but I am very surprised it was characterized as dry gas.

Hess has offered us a lease.  Said they already had the farm next to us.  Belmont County, Pease Township

They bought out Marquette so it's likely that they have the farm next to you.  What kind of terms are they offering?

$5,200 per, 5 years, plus 18.75% of gross.


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