I just received word from a close friend that seismic testing is soon to begin on c.r. 754 in Ashland. This testing is with bored holes and charges. That's two places being active in Ashland this spring.

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Is it Township Road 754 or County Road 754 Dan?

Carl, I thought it was a county road, I could be wrong. It comes off of 801. I believe it to on the north side, heading east of 801. The markers are out there somewhere. If I get a chance, I'll take a run out there. 

That red pin in the image you sent, is that a proposed well going in?

I was informed that MFC held the lease up there.

That road is on a straight line directly east of the Eichelberger well.
and we again should take the word of a landmen. why. because he has the best interest of the landowner in mind. wow.

"Trempealeau/Roserun wells hold large amounts of acreage."

They hold the exact same as a Clinton well.  40 acre minimum, maximum is driven by the contract not the depth.

they were all vertical drillers at one point. isnt it your job as a landman to sell us apples and tell us there oranges. thats the way it has always been joe i doubt things have changed hear lately. whats your guess on this aquisition for reserve replacement and a 1950 spudder drilling a utica well.

Seriously, Joe, I would like your opinion on what they are looking for. What do you think they are up to? There's been a lull around here for years, at least for verticals, and all of a sudden there is all kinds of activity. Is this a last ditch effort by a company trying to prove a stake? To increase the price of their holdings? I don't get it.

Shooting seismic is indicative of a company wanting seismic.  With 3D seismic it's still hard to hit a Trempealeau well.  

Don't know.  Frankly don't care.  If I can't play the company's stock there isn't any real fun in it for me.  Sorry.

No seismic at the Eichelberger till after the well was on its way either. Devon is either throwing darts at a board or they knew something. Devon leased our area soon after the core sample from well number 3413920757 in Richland County came out find it on the ODNR map somethings about it will suprise you I think.


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