Greetings. it's been kinda quiet in this area of Beaver County. any news about pipelines connecting the wells in the industry, ohioville area? we had a surveyor come out about 2 years ago prospecting for a pipeline potential path, but no news since. any news appreciated. thanks.

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So, we can just slap a fine on Chessy if they don't pay our royalties accurately... That's cool!

In all seriousness, obviously, CHK does not have the proper staffing in place to make sure they are paying royalties correctly, let alone to respond to the DOI when formally questioned.

Larry, how many acres was the Burdick Unit and what did they increase the unit size to when they sent you the DO?

Thanks! Todd

I believe it started out around 850 acres, increased to 925.507649 Acres.

I think the main reason it increased is because they filled in holes that they had when the first declared the unit. It was originally around 892.75 acres.

Original Unit;

Latest Unit;

Thank you for sharing this information.  How did you obtain a Unit Plat?  Unfortunately, the parcel numbers on your Burdine, Unit Plat are not legible on my computer screen. 

I always felt that we would be formally notified when we were included in a Unit.  However, for months, I have been trying to get Chesapeake to just recognize the fact that we have purchased additional property with an active Chesapeake lease. I have been very thorough in my correspondence with a copy of the new deed and the lease #, etc enclosed in my correspondence to them. Todate, I have had no response or recognition to my request.

After reading about their poor record keeping skills, I realize that I must be more active in pursuing   information, instead of relying on Chesapeake to notify us as lease holding property owners when we would be placed in a unit.

Any information or advice would be most appreciated. We are located Ohioville.


I got the plats from the Recorder of Deeds website.

Search Party 1 as CHESAPEAKE or CHK, and document description of "Miscellaneous". You will have to weed through things to find the Declaration of Pooled Unit for the area where you are located. The pictures were just one page out of the DPUs.


Thanks Joe!

If you're wondering whether or not you are a part of a pooled unit go to Beaver County's website and pull up your deed.  If you are a part of a pooled unit it will be listed or recorded on your deed.

Still quiet as of September in the Ohioville, Industry neck of the woods. Received a certified letter that Chesapeake is filing for a 1 year permit extension. Expires in November. Can one conclude that this means things will be slow for another year?

Received the certified letter also.  Ask Chesapeake rep why we got them, he said he didn't know unless the DEP required it.  That answer didn't make me feel any better.

Now the O&G is trying to give the Independent Regulatory Review Commission a major role in listing endangered species in PA or diminishing the role of the Fish and Boat and Game would be a grave error. They want to place a group of appointees ( I'm questioning their wildlife background experience or educational qualifications) in charge of protecting any species is a ludicrous idea. The supporters of this move, The Marcellus Shale Coalition, the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association, and the Associated Petroleum Industries of Pennsylvania, are looking for another way to weaken environmental safeguards by eliminating protections, thus endangering lands and waterways while reducing oversight of their operations by two competent and dedicated commissions.  We need to contact our representatives to defeat this move by O&G.  We have to do this with our voices because we know if it comes to money who wins.  Look at the gathering fees being charged.  

I also don't like the thought of appointees overseeing this and it doesn't matter if they are O&G friendly or animal, planet or whatever friendly. 

Larry, just be careful what you wish for when it comes to Gov't entities and say, our waterways and wetlands. Over the years I have refused to sign certain documents in relation to a few ponds on the family farm because of the right they reserve to have access 365/24/7 to your property even without your knowledge. 

We prefer to have control over the property we own.

Craig,  I have faced the "wetlands" problem on my farm also and have refused their "advances" for 20 years and see no change in my attitude coming.  

Some appointee with no idea of ecology making a decision based on the recommendation of O&G, or the thickness of an envelope, scares me.  O&G wants to be able to do what they want, when they want, to whom ever they want with no regard for the consequences.  By changing the designations, they'd open areas to roads, pipelines, pads that would have continuing consequences. (Remember: it's not wise to drink downstream of the herd.)  For them to make this proposal, they have to see a major benefit for themselves and reduced protection for everyone else.  


Well, it looks like the Berovich 8H is a go with division orders and royalties. Any news on the 6H or other wells on the pad? Looks like we missed the boat on being In the 1st unit.....
Anyone willing to share how the monthly numbers are looking?

Also- I imagine a few leases in the area may be coming up on the 5 year expiration..... Any renegotiations going on? .....and anyone in contact with the M & P lawyer group? It's been a season of patience for sure. Best wishes to all and as always, thank you for sharing.


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