Some time ago, I read where people wanted to know if leases were being renewed in northern Beaver County. Our original lease was to run out 6/15/15. As of 5/7/15 it has been renewed for 5 more years @ original terms.

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With Chesapeake or who?

Sorry, Craig. I don't get on here very often so I think maybe it was in the wrong place to begin with.

Have it on a couple places now, maybe one is right. And to answer your question it is with Chesapeake.We were okayed for a well by the EPA, but a couple things prolonged the time & now they had to renew.

Nice to know they aren't letting all leases expire.

Thanks for the reply. 

A Friend came by our farm today.  He is in Hookstown., PA. (Beaver County)  Close to the Hanover Vol. Fire Dept.  He was so excited !    Range sent him a $100.00 check for signing early !   His lease was not up until Sept.   Love.... to hear Happiness !   Thank you  Range for putting a big smile on my Friends face !   

A whole $100, wow, you don't say ?

Any amount above and beyond the lease terms is not heard of much at all. 

Hmm, does this fact tell us anything about the timing of Shells' announcement  that they are/are not building the cracker? Getting folks to re-sign early before the value might go up after Shell says yes to building?

Maybe I'm reading too much into it!

Craig, I think you are correct...

Craig, I think you are Right On !   Not... looking for much in the Marcellus.. ( being so thin in our area )   .. Hoping for bigger progress in the Utica and below.  I think a scare tactic is brewing.... trying to get people to sell their Mineral rights....  We shall see...   I am so glad I invested my $$$   wisely  and don't have to count on Drilling !!!!   ...Wishing the Best for Everyone !!!!

We will see, last Spring I felt we would hear June/July to be honest.

Here's hoping that I'm right for once in a long time.

This gas guessing stuff is just that most times, guessing.

Craig, You are cutting yourself way too short !   I have followed you for years and have learned a LOT !   Todd, from Hancock, W.V. and his Beautiful Family came to our farm for another visit.....Had a GREAT time and he taught me MUCH !!!!   Todd has so much information, it makes my head spin !   Wonderful Family !!   I am Blessed with their Friendship !  Still listening and learning.... ha ha ....   God Bless.....

I appreciate the comments.

I too appreciate what others post and yes Todd comes up with a lot of great things, thanks as well!


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