Beaver County located in Super Rich Marcellus and Upper Devonian Shales

Regional Mapping and Reservoir Analysis of the Upper Devonian Shale

See the last 2 pages in particular to see the best reservoir fairway for the Upper Devonian Shale.

Rex Energy is finding better results in the super rich Upper Devonian than the Marcellus in their Butler operated area.  See page 16 and 28 of the above presentation.


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Thx Todd I found this to be very interesting...

In addition to the one UD Rhinestreet well in Hancock, CHK has 8 more UD Rhinestreet wells in western Beaver County parallel directly on top of Utica wells. I'm hearing and seeing that the UD and Utica are the main targets in all of western Beaver County (primarily the Utica) and the further east and south that you move, the Marcellus and UD are the target (primarily the Marcellus).
Northeast Beaver County may see the UD as a primary target per Rex UD Burkett wells in SW Butler County. The Rex UD Burkett wells in Butler are better than the Marcellus in that location.

Per request, here are the names of the current eight CHK UD Rhinestreet wells permitted in western Beaver County:

McMasters 3H M

Liberato 3H M

Ferrebee 3H M

Jenkins 8H M

Fedorchak 3H M

Maga 8H M

Petrick 8H M

Wall 3H M

Of particular importance to these wellsites is that each of these UD Rhinestreet wells has a Utica well permitted parallel and directly under in the same degree of direction.  So, there are also these Utica wells permitted:

McMasters 3H

Liberato 3H

Ferrebee 3H

Jenkins 3H

Fedorchak 3H

Maga 3H

Petrick 3H

Wall 3H

Penn Energy has 3 UD wells permitted in NE Beaver County:




Range has one UD well in the Noss Unit:

Noss Unit 2H-A

Todd this great info where did you find the data?

Only $25 per year for a current map of wells and permits in PA.

Here's Ohio's for free:

Here's WV's for free:


From what I've gleaned all the UD(M) wells have not been drilled. Am I correct Todd?


Those 8 CHK UD Rhinestreet wells are only permitted in Beaver County.  The thus far lone UD Rhinestreet well in Hancock County has been drilled and completed.

Here's an article referring to it:

America's Secret Shale:
"Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE: CHK) has to date drilled a single Upper Devonian well in West Virginia. It has several permits to drill into the formation in western Pennsylvania. Chesapeake remains tight-lipped about its drilling results so far, as well as its plans for the Upper Devonian."


Check out Rex's October Presentation to visualize UD Burkett and Marcellus development from the same pad on Page 17

is there any news on when they are planning to start to drill from the above properties listed..and do you know in which order they will be drilled. Also can you explain the difference of these properties having the UD Rhinestreet and the Utica, both on their properties to be drilled for

The only  thing I have heard, which should be classified as rumor, is that CHK is going to ramp up big time in BC in 2014. 

We have a few strata below us in this area that appears to contain what it is they want. Don't have time to explain, but if you look around here and on the general discussion forum you will get some explainations.


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