Thought I'd start a place to post about the Wall Site. Looks like they are fracing it now. This site is less than a mile into Beaver County and less than that from some of Shell's leased land in Lawrence County. (Mine included) If you hear anything , please post it here.

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I heard a rumor from someone who lives close to this pad. He heard these wells were plugged. Can any of you computer savvy folks confirm or debunk this? I believe DEP permitting is required so if true there should be a paper trail.
Thanks in advance.

Here's the latest:

Issued on 7/2/2013 - inactive status.

I didn't see a plugged filing, but didn't look real hard. I can't imagine one would plug a well then file for inactive status. Other wells have been permitted into inactive status, fwiw.

Thanks Craig.
After clicking around on that link I see where on 6/05/14 they applied for a drill and operate permit for this pad , which is pending.
Anyone ever see a flare yet? Lol!

Ya know trapper the last 3 wells that went online in my area were never flared. I've talked to everyone around them as well as living very near 2 of them and no one heard or saw a flare including me. I drive past the one pad (McDanel)at least twice every day and never saw the flare setup they use... and it is producing.

Hmmm...the more I try to understand this gas thing , the less I understand this gas thing! Lol! Thanks Craig.

Trapper, I agree, The More I learn.... the Less I Understand !  

I'm right between Tharp and Burdick. They flared Tharp twice since it was so long between it being drilled and going to production, but they never flared Burdick. If you were within 5 miles you would have heard the flare too, and I would have definitely seen it. And they were drilled within a few months of each other and started producing within a few days of each other.

I think the EPA issued new flaring rules that went into effect recently. I think they aren't allowed to just burn it off but have to capture it now?

Thanks for the info Joe, for confirming the no flaring. I thought maybe my hearing and sight were vanishing in my older age ; )


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