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Just read it before coming here. I suspect this is good news for us, overall.

I know I'm not happy with CHK in some ways. Surely it couldn't get much worse...Unless you count what our illustrious Gov. Wolf wants to do with the industry.

LOL More worried about The Wolf, than my O&G operator ripping me off.
Now CHK may find a buyer but if it's anywhere near $2B I'd be worried. Might be a foreign buyers. Nothing can be done about it, unless congress gets involved; National Security.
CHK is starting to look desperate! Needs cash soon. Might just get a call on some of their loans. That could get interesting to see who is (currently) large holders of their debt. Why buy for $'s when it can be had for ¢'s.

Consol pleased with dry Utica play in southwestern Pennsylvania:

Excerpt from the above article:

“We don’t believe we need to sell assets to support liquidity on our balance sheet,” DeIuliis said. "Nothing has changed regarding our strategy. We’ll continue to execute sales when we believe the time is right.”

Consol knows the time NOT to sell assets is now.  The same applies to landowners -- now is NOT the time to sign a lease.  Give it 6 months to a year and see how your negotiating power has increased.  This will be the last lease that most will sign with all of the gathering lines about to be constructed in Southern Beaver County.

I agree..


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