CHK and RRC Leasing in Potter,Center,Racoon, Independance,Green and Hanover Townships..Also Shippingport ?

I have been hearing that a lot of leased landowners in these areas have been receiving checks (from CHK) for leases that have not expired as well as owners that are signing new leases and renewing expired leases (with RRC)...please let us all know if you signed or are being asked about leasing...we all need to stay up on what is happening around well as what they are offering and who is offering...something is happening slowly and quietly..please let us know what is happening around you...

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Victor, thank you for sharing your information. I didn't even know of that meeting and I live in southern Beaver county. I am currently leased through early 2017 with Chk. I believe RR will take over my lease.
I have wondered what was going in at the 22/18 interchange where they have clear cut hundreds of trees on the eastbound side. I guess I now know.

Thanks again,
Welcome to the Beaver County forum. Thank you for the vital information. I've been looking at Mark West's company presentations including the location of the new Fox complex and its proximity to southern Beaver County and was hoping to hear the announcement that you just made.
From talking with Southwestern's landman for Hancock County, they too are awaiting infrastructure to be built in the local area for new leasing since their leasing budget is done this year after the huge northern WV acquisition from Chesapeake.
So, as I understand it, the Fox Complex will be an NGL stripping plant that with separate out the heavier liquids and will be the origination point for the resultant dry gas gathering pipeline now named the Burgettstown lateral to supply the ET Rover interstate pipeline to begin production 4QTR 2016.
Todd, MWest web page is stating the plant will provide 200 MMcf/D of processing capacity.
Here's the scoop on the scope of Mark West's footprint on the area:

Has anyone heard of any recent activity?

Gary, Nothing new  here in Hookstown, Pa.   Very Quiet....

a friend of mine just resigned with range for 5 years 2500 an acre 19% royalties he has 5 acres near Seibel farm independence township but he also said his neighbors with more acreage are receiving their payments over a five year period.
Thanks for the info Brad.

Spreading it out over 5 years would have tax advantages.

Do you know if that 19% royalty is gross or does it have a market enhancement clause?

20% is the going rate now in many areas according to my industry contacts.
Not sure Todd he did not seem to know much about his lease he said it was the same as the last lease. Also he did not use attorney this time big mistake.I told him about this site hopefully he will join.

This is not about leasing but I did not know where to put it.  Bow and Arrow Land Company came out to talk to me about selling my Mineral Rights.  The man offered $2,000.00 per acre....I said No.   I then received a call from them offering me $ 3,000.00 per acre.   I declined.  That's about it.  I live in Hookstown, Pa., Greene Township, Beaver County.  A couple years back.... Bounty, ( I was told they are no longer in business)  offered me &  $6,000.00 per acre.  

Nobody should be selling their mineral rights right now from my perspective. You don't sell in the down market.

Sometime after Shell announces the plant things will start to get interesting here.

Craig, As Always..... I agree 100%  of what you say !   Thank you....  now and in the past.  God Bless....


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