See Page 5 for the CONSOL Potential Stacked Shale Plays.

It appears that each company moves the plays slightly to fit its assets.

Page 6 shows their EUR per Marcellus and Burkett well, each with a 8000' lateral.

Stacked opportunity for Marcellus and Upper Devonian (1.0 Tcfe) at the Pittsburgh Airport!

Pittsburgh Airport: ~9,000 Contiguous Acres 


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Since Shell has an agreement in place with Consol to help supply the cracker , more good news.

Good news all the way around

Zipper fracking? Wow looking at 4 shales! Just waiting for the fifth (Needmore), just below Marcellus!!! Between Burkett and Rhinestreet are two or three others but seem to be minor (too thin). The Utica line seems to be creeping East and South. Who da thunk dat.

Those maps seem to be a good match to RRC's maps. Looks like 2015 will bring some big changes to reserve estimates.
Just rember those selling mineral rights are selling D all the above and all that we don't even know about yet.

Forgot to say Thanks Todd. Just love page 5.

You're welcome Tim! This is an exciting presentation and very ambitious of Consol - good PR at the Pgh Airport at least. Should be cheaper to fly.
Btw - we always "need more shale", hence, the Needmore Shale is aptly named! :)

WOW !   Todd !    Great Information......   Thank you !   Looking forward to your visit !

Thanks Nancy - Looking forward to it!


Hey, I just noticed someone must have eaten "The pickle". ; ) From the December presentation.

Ok thanks Tim for hanging out the Carrot in front of our faces! ;)
Please describe the pickle!

LOL. I thought that would happen.

From page 20 of the Barclays Conference dated Sept. 12 2013. Not December.

Seems to be outside of stacked play area. Either they wanted to emphasize that stacked play or going to just drop that "Sweet spot" subject.

That's funny Tim that they referred to their Utica Shale Sweet Spot as "The Pickle"! Is that the only time they referred to "The Pickle"? If so, then they ate it quickly and completely! LOL


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