The last few days I've noticed activity at both gates, but can only see the McDanel well. There have been a strange looking trailer moved in, a bobcat, and misc other things i can't get close enough to see. I suspect the same thing is happening at the CTG well. I have to wonder if they are getting ready to clear the well of frack water and back flow then maybe finally flare? They plan on doing the gathering lines later this year I think.  Dunno, but I might drive in one of them and ask questions some day.

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It has been confirmed to me that the gathering lines to these two wells have no issues with the bat situation and not cutting trees from april to nov. (or whenever it is). So they are good to go when they are ready.

I believe both wells are being simultaneously  worked on, but again you can't see the CTG well from the road and the owner isn't keen on folks poking around.

Two of the big tanks moved in today on the McDanel well. The well has rested and ready for the fluids to come out and a flare, sooner than later I hope. Maybe production by years end?


I noticed a lot of activity at the wells also. There has been a truck in the field next to the CTG entrance site putting down a lot of stakes which tells me they're probably going to lay the collection lines. I'm assuming those two wells will tie in with the wells over at Rolling Acres golf course, just a guess.

Also, those wells were flared, my understanding was that they were ready to go into production.

Those trucks and flags are for a house that is going to be built there. The gathering line stakes are clear at the back of that field. The gathering line stakes have been in the ground for 2 months now.

Also, I'm certain that neither well has been flared, as I would have heard and seen them cause I live within 5000 feet of both wells. I was told by a welder working there setting up the equipment now that no production pipe has been installed as of yet either.

Craig - has Chesapeake sold any acreage up your way?

Heck of a place to build a house. They sure are dragging their feet on flaring, gathering lines, etc. Range Resources doesn't screw around like that. I was told by Chesapeake that those wells would be in production as of January of this year, that obviously didn't happen, yeh I know, that and a dollar will get me a sweet tea at McDonald's.

As for Jason's question, haven't heard of them selling any acreage, if you're looking for some ground and with a house on it, there's one next to me for sale.

They have not to my knowledge sold any acreage to another interest. However, they have let some leases expire near 376 and east. I think they did an exchange/trade with Range with some of their leases south of the river tho. 

They did sell a % of production in some of the wells some time ago. One outfit has an interest in the Rolling Acres well, i believe they were from NY. This was done when they were first hurting for $$'s. 

Well Craig, you were right. I see they are building a house down there by the CTG well site. Heck of a place for a house.

Have you gotten any other news on CTG or McDaniel?

Nothing time wise for production. I'll post when i know anything new.

Craig, where (location) do you hear they traded south of the river..I have been told that CHK is trying to sell the leases south of the river, but RRC thinks they want to much..having said that I also was told (by my Lawyer) that it may be Noble and Consol that ends up with the leases...all of us south of the river are waiting for the leases that CHK has to be traded or sold.

I can't remember exactly what I was told, to be honest Gary.

I though it was around the McMicheal well, but not sure. 

Chesapeake is too busy drilling wells in Ohio. They lead the pack in the number of wells drilled over there, 541 of them. Too bad Range Resources didn't drill CTG and McDaniel, they would have been in production by now.


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