Dirt was moved on the McMichael farm, please post if you hear more news.

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Great Information !  Thanks Todd !    Nancy

You're welcome Nancy! 

Glad I can help!  :)

A lot of things going on at this farm..what is the news on drilling ..etc.?

Any word if the pump station is being built or a time frame for it to be built.

Any news on the compressor station or start time for drilling?


Ok I'll try again..does anyone have any info on what is happening with this well? I know there is a compressor station permited and a few wells.. is anything happening?

Gary, I have heard nothing...at this time.  Seitel crew out yesterday on my farm and fixed our culvert so they could take their machine across the creek.  So far... this Seitel team has been wonderful !  Robert Poorman was the man we are working with.  I will keep you posted.  Good Luck...to you !

Wow this unit has been permitted for years. . are they ever going to complete these wells?  What is the holdup?

Most likely economically unfeasible to take the next step.

I'll ask a diary farmer about this well this friday, if I get the chance. He is from that area, may know something or not.

Just talked to a family that farms in the area of this well. He says there are 7 conductors/rat holes that were constructed way back when with the intention to drill then also, with supposedly more in the future.

McMchaels  were evidently told fairly recently that drilling was going to begin in Jan. 2015. We shall see.

Remember don't listen to what the companies say, watch what they do.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Craig!

Any news here?


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