Rig is on the Noss farm,if you have more news please post.

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I was told the same thing as you regarding the McMasters completion report, but I have another request and should have more info tomorrow regarding the well plat.

Thank you!

Range is reporting 2559 bbl's of condensate in 16 days on 2 different Noss wells for 2nd half of 2012!

Those are pretty good numbers!
Todd - any idea what condensate pays? It would be nice to figure out the royalties on this.

Hi Jason,

US condensate pays roughly 80% WTI (West Texas Instument) of a barrel of oil.

How 'bout this... Condensate in Canada is paying more than oil by 10% all of last year!  This is because there's not much condensate in Canada but they have ALOT of oil in the Canadian oil sands; they use the condensate as a lubricant/viscosity reducer to enhance oil production.

Also, within your calc's, remember that condensate accounts for about 30% of the NGL gas stream.  So, figure condensate to be about $76/bbl (80% WTI oil at $95/bbl) and NGL's to be $37.78/bbl (currently 43% WTI) per RRC's February presentation.  NGL's market price fluctuates with the price of natural gas; condensate's market price follows oil more closely.

Here are the Noss Well Plats.

Permit #007-20339 states it was drilled to the Rhinestreet Shale and all the others to the Marcellus Shale;  007-20339 states that is is producing.  However, at the bottom of one of the well plats, someone wrote "PLUG AND SKIP".

Does anyone know if well 20339 is producing or if it was plugged?

Thanks, Todd


Range filed a plugging certificate on April 24, so it's plugged.  Also, the fact that the exact same production is reported for 2 different wells indicates a mistake was made... or someone is trying to be misleading as to the economics of Upper Devonian wells.

The plat did not say "PLUG and SKIP"; it actually said "PLUG and SKID" per geologist with DCNR.  All it means is that they encountered a problem drilling in one spot and they therefore skidded over slightly to drill the well.

Thanks Jelso for clearing this up that the well has been plugged.

What is happening with this well ..are they going to connect it to the pipeline?

Latest news from RR is that nothing will happen until the pipeline is complete.  No solid news on when that will be...

Thx LG keep us updated

Unless it has changed, my understanding was the pipe line had to be completed by  June 30,2013.  I  was told by an Independence road employee that the pump station was under construction.


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