Rig is on the Noss farm,if you have more news please post.

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I received a royalty check on the noss unit yesterday.  The date of sale of gas was August 2012 and September 2012. No explanation how they came to the figure.  The number it said to call for information tells you a return call will come in 2 days.  Has anyone else got a check or know why it took almost a year to get this check.



George does your lease say how long they have before they pay you after the sale??

No I see no mention of it for royalties. The only time mentioned is 90 days after I signed I would get that check. 

Any thing going on at the Noss pad?

Looks like RRC has applied for a permit to put the Noss well in an inactive status.


How close does the Mariner West pipeline come to the Noss pad? It has to be pretty darn close.
Todd. I know the area fairly well I would have to say around 1/2 mile 3/4 mile topps.
Ok - I knew it had to be based on where that pipeline crosses Clinton Frankfort Rd.
That Mariner West pipeline is a "purity ethane" pipeline -- so, there's no way to connect it with heavier "unpure" liquids from the Noss well.
I'm guessing that RRC is waiting for the construction of the Hillman natural gas processing plant to be located in or close to the village of Florence, PA. According to my contact at ETP, that plant will separate the heavier, longer chain hydrocarbon liquids and then send the remaining natural gas (1000 - 1100 BTU) west via the 36" Hillman lateral (gathering pipeline) to two dual 42" pipelines called the Rover pipeline.
Yea I was hoping to see production numbers from that well since I'm probably within 3 miles.And not much more going on in Beaver County that close.
No worries - there's good reason that ETP is building that Hillman plant near the Beaver/Wash county line!

My understanding is that the royalties were for the product (a liquid he says) they trucked out of there back then.

Craig & George,
Great point -- so, those barrels of condensate reported to the state were no typo. Yes, the fact that they are trucking liquids off now makes it all the more important how we negotiate how our royalties are calculated (post production costs) prior to point of sale.


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