Rich and Brad posted in the comments section regarding Range's leasing interest in Independence and Hopewell TWP's and I have heard of Range's interest in land in western Hanover TWP which is currently under a Chesapeake lease.

Any other news regarding Range's leasing activity and areas of interest?



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You're welcome Brad. Anytime!
It will be interesting to learn for you at the very least.
Pretty cool thing about my property over the line: there were only 2 owners prior me and the first owner dated back to when it was still Virginia!

Now that is cool ! 

Craig, For some reason I don't think your reply made it to the Beaver County site and it's does not show the whole reply on the main site.Maybe its on my end my only computer is my phone.I did look at the County website with my phone and I only traced back to 1974 and only who the previous owners were.I think their was 5 owners since 1974.
New Range map showing GIP, infrastructure and their acreage -
Page 16:

hi todd
 very good read I was noticing I did not see the hillman complex in any of the infrastructure maps any ideas where it is located at? some where in washington county is all I know you know of any specifics keep that info coming it seems to get better and better THANKX mark

Hey Mark,

The Hillman natural gas processing plant is on the map in northern Wash County, PA and is the origination of the 1100 BTU dry gas Rover pipeline (red dotted line) that you see headed slightly north and west almost to Beaver County line and directly across Hancock County - approximately 2 miles south of my farm. I believe the Hillman plant will be located in Bavington, PA.

Thanks, Todd

Great Post Todd !   Thank you !

hey todd

kind of figured that with "HILLMAN" being the biggest clue to where the plant will be located seems a little werid with a compressor station proposed just outside of joffree  aprox 4miles as the crow flys  but every thing is subject to change at this stage of the game   mark

Hey Todd,

I just noticed on page 3 upper right corner, Utica/Point Pleasant pending. they started stating that in Aug 3 report. : )).

Now on page 30 "Nora" those CBM and Tight sands #'s. Wonder when RRC will test West Pa. for a few of those Tight sands wells. They may already have!! I have recordings on two shallow units that were filed last year. The CBM will need a deal with Coal companies. Most of the Coal was sold long ago.

Todd you have probably already seen these details of the Rover if you haven't look at the route..I thought this was's a 36" line and going to carry a lot of gas..good detail of route on links to the right...Mark in your back yard also...

Hadn't seen the google earth maps until now. Thanks Gary!
Todd, slides 5 and 6, crossing at the Wylie farm very close to the Water tower on north side of Wylie ridge. That stake does indeed mark the route - it comes northwest out of Washington County.


Yes - Hillman is the name of the small state park along old Rt 22 aka Old Steubenville Pike.  I wonder if the plant will be between Florence and Bavington - probably right in Bavington where that compressor station already is located off of the Rt 22 exit.


There is an operator experimenting with fracking the tight Clinton sandstone in NE Ohio.  The Clinton sandstone in the western Beaver County area is on target to be "high dry gas potential" whereas there is a long history of oil in NE Ohio.  The wells they are drilling in NE Ohio are only about $1 million to drill - results pending last I checked.

2012 Map Berea Sandstone, Pg 12:

Old Clinton Sandstone potential 1997 USGS:

6728. Clinton/Medina Sandstone Gas High Potential

"Estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) values for producing wells in the Clinton/Medina Sandstone Gas High Potential Play (6728) range from 5 (F95) to 330 (F5) million cubic feet of gas (MMCFG) and have a median (F50) of about 70 MMCFG."

Hopefully, better EUR's are achievable now.  Sandstones appear to be extra gravy in our area.  I wonder what the GIP is in these tight sandstones?



Thanks for posting that link again - Energy Transfer Partners has indeed updated their mapping of the Rover Pipeline in much more detail to the county level.  That Hillman lateral is impressive at 36'' in diameter.  My big question is whether gathering lines will be able to connect to that lateral along the traverse.


I'm missing slides 5 and 6; of which presentation?

Thanks guys!



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