Just curious if anybody has seen continued work by Shell at the old Horsehead plant.  By the same token, has anybody heard any rumblings as to how things are coming along? 

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I was told they are putting up 2 more Hotels

Good article Gary.


Thanks, Gary !    Very Informative article.  

PA Gov. Wolf Talks to Shell About Beaver County Cracker Plant

PA Gov. Tom Wolf is bullish on the possibility of an ethane cracker coming to Beaver County, PA. He thinks a cracker is “inevitable.” In what can only be described as a faux pas for Wolf, he spoke about his love of a cracker yesterday, on Earth Day (oops). Earth Day is all about Democrats professing love of Mother Earth and hatred of fossil fuels. Must be Wolf didn’t get the memo. Wolf says he’s spoken to Shell muckety-mucks to let them know PA still wants a cracker. He said the Shell muckety-mucks say the project is “still on track” although there’s no timetable for a decision–which we take to mean no decision will be made for the foreseeable future…

An ethane cracker is an inevitability for the region, it’s only a question of where, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said Wednesday.

And if one is to be built, then it should be in Pennsylvania, said Wolf, who swung through Downtown Pittsburgh to deliver a speech at the EverPower Earth Day Festival.

“Pennsylvania is where it ought to be. I think Shell recognizes that,” Wolf said.

Wolf said he has met with Shell executives and expressed the state’s support for the plant. Wolf said the company did not indicate when it might make a final investment decision on its plant, which would be in Beaver County. Wolf, however, said the company is continuing to work through the evaluation process.

“As far as they’re concerned, this is still on track,” he said.*
*Pittsburgh (PA) Business Times (Apr 22, 2015) – Wolf: No timeline for Shell cracker decision

Wolf isn't going to chase the goose away that is going to lay the golden egg for him, i.e. all the tax monies that the cracker will bring to the state's coffers... even with the tax breaks they got. He wants to spend so much, he will need the taxes.

A worker at the Horsehead site told me today that the scuttle butt around their worksite is that Shell's timetable for starting to build the cracker is 2016. Which this worker tells me is an ambitious date considering what all they have left to do.They are currently tearing up lots of concrete and have started building the roads up the hill for their equipment that they need, to move all dirt for the re-routing of route 18.

As I've been saying for the last year or more... this plant will be built sooner than later. My money is on an announcement this summer, possibly as early as June.

My son had a ball game and had to travel up 18 past Cracker site.

LARGE WHITE TENT recently raised about 1/4 mile off 18. Wasn't there last week!

Also a very large, NEW Komatsu earth moved being Pieced together across the road where the storage units once sat.

Good news is coming!

Pictures aren't very good but here they are (zoom in on the picture). The trackhoe is huge they built it in pieces..looks like one scoop will fill a very large dump truck..didn't take a picture.


Probably brought the pieces for the track hoe up the river I bet. Some serious volumes of dirt are gonna be moved soon.

Don't they have to build a bridge over 18 first??? thought I heard something about a bridge for the trucks hauling dirt so they wouldn't have to deal with route 18 traffic.

Let's think positive, those pointed white tents in the one photo are for the "important folks" when they announce their decision to build the cracker ; )  

Seriously though, I have seen those types of tents in the picture used as shelter for workers at pad sites. They were welding and assembling pipe and connectors.

Has the SHELL circus come town?!? :-)


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