CHK paid $6.49, Mitsui paid $7.12 and Statoil paid $3.05 for January gas. Don't have Anadarko yet. Is this for real?

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Why is Statoil always so much lower than  the other companies.

I emailed statoil about that-they said it was due to supply and demand in our area-in other words they are selling it at the worst place in the world to sell-the tgp300zone 4 Marcellus trading point[basically runs the whole length of Bradford co.3.05 for jan gas from stat;chspk gave 8.45-i about had a heart attack when I saw it!

Greetings lamar where can I find the info you speak about? Cjtgp 300 zone. 


I'm just guessing here based on things I've seen posted....

I'm in a unit that went into production March 2013. Up to September 2013 Statoil was selling as the highest price of the three partners in the well, now it is the lowest. They also have the smallest percentage participation in the production. Perhaps they do an annual contract for hedging and marketing their smaller volume which expired in September and was renewed at lower rates. Had e-mailed Statoil asking about the price drop but they have never replied to me.

tom, someone posted back last year that stat had told them that they were calculating their royalty payments differently as of October.

my guess is that they are netting back costs arriving at a lower wellhead price, instead of listing the deductions. (indirect deductions)

this month I saw a neighbor's statoil statement and it had deductions listed as well, but there was no explanation, no categorization of those stat deductions.

it's a shame, they used to be the bright spot for Bradford county royalties, now they suck.


Thanks Jim, interesting info, I did not see the post you mention. My statement from Stat still shows no figure for any deductions in either the well total or owner sections but that may well be what they are doing since I see that their prices are now near the net I got from CHK and Anadarko in November and December.

 I don't think that is the case. I have a no post prod cost lease and if CHK isn't taking deductions, I don't thing Stat is going to go a different route and start deducting. My prices paid have followed everyone else's.

I know what you're saying wayne.

assuming that you have the fvgl, you are indeed paying at least marketing and dehydration ppc's. how many other deductions come out resulting in a lower sales price with chk, I do not know though.


"assuming that you have the fvgl, you are indeed paying at least marketing and dehydration ppc's."

Huh?  Are you saying (if I guess correctly!) that because of the 'wellhead' language in the lease, CHK is in some way netting back from the sales price to CMI to create an artificial wellhead price which has been depressed via deductions that are not actually listed on the statements?

If you're not saying this, I would be interested to know what you in fact are saying in the aforementioned statement.

c.e.m.i. lowers the price per mcf 3 cents to arrive at the "wellhead price". that covers marketing costs.

wellhead gas is used for dehydration on the pads. our volumes are measured after this use.

as far as statoil, they may very well be netting back to deduct for transportation, gathering, marketing and compression, resulting in the new lower "wellhead price" that they have been paying on recently. (indirect deductions)


Hoping this works.....

a table of what I've been paid so far

mo/yr    CHK net    Statoil    Anad. Net
3 13    $2.746    $3.503    $2.766
4 13    $3.474    $4.167    $3.284
5 13    $3.474    $4.260    $3.331
6 13    $3.364    $4.232    $3.080
7 13    $2.602    $3.539    $2.543
8 13    $2.231    $3.044    $2.149
9 13    $2.216    $2.013    $2.210
10 13    $2.272    $1.651    $2.195
11 13    $1.985    $2.704    $2.361
12 13    $2.720    $2.817    $2.649
1 14    $7.428    $3.060    $3.710


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