CHK paid $6.49, Mitsui paid $7.12 and Statoil paid $3.05 for January gas. Don't have Anadarko yet. Is this for real?

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I am in a unit in Wilmot Twp. that went into production in Sept. 2013 to date I have not received even a division order from Statoil I called and e-mailed them many times to no avail. Finally after 2 months I got a call from a Statoil representative named May her direct #713-485-2336 try this if anyone is having contact issues. My prices for 1/14 were CHK $8.50,ANAD. $4.45 and Mitsui $4.67 Statoil not a dime to date.

Did you get out your division orders and add up each companies interest in the unit? I had the same issue in Asylum Twp., neighbors were recieving Stat checks we weren't, finally got someone at Stst that told me they don't have an interest in our lease for the unit. Added them up and sure enough the other three came to 100%.

Just read your reply today, Statoil has a 16.25% share in this unit.Still waiting. Thanks Ron

Tom R .Great the way you did this I think all should post prior 6 months like this  I think it would help alot of people by doing this along whith what area's that they are from tom could you start a post  like this ? Cj 

Does anyone have any idea as to why Chesapeake started with the HUGE deductions Sept 2013?


Smithfield Township, Bradford County

mo/yr Gross $ Net $
1/13  $    2.953  $    2.529
2/13  $    2.850  $    2.420
3/13  $    2.948  $    2.570
4/13  $    3.563  $    3.200
5/13  $    3.742  $    3.380
6/13  $    3.739  $    3.380
7/13  $    3.270  $    2.920
8/13  $    3.287  $    2.930
9/13  $    3.143  $  -1.180


No explanation from Chesapeake.

10/13  $    3.073  $    1.540
11/13  $    3.071  $    1.530
12/13  $    3.401  $    1.860
1/14  $    3.049  $    1.509

no explanation? did you call/write requesting an explanation?


I have called several times. Have been on hold for 45+ minutes to an hour listening to Mozart. No one answers. I called at 7:30 one morning and finally got a person. He couldn't give an explanation so I was transferred--and was listening to Mozart again until the battery ran out on my phone.

I didn't receive the 9/13-12/13 earnings statement until 2/28/14--have been trying to get an answer since.

I see. that sucks.

for me, the people that answer the phone have usually given pretty good explanations for that sort of thing. I had some revisions and rebookings that did to me a couple of times.


Called Chesapeake first thing this morning and spoke with Lacey. The 9/13 -$1.18 is not a mistake, but other than "an adjustment" could not explain why I would be paying Chesapeake and suggested I write a letter to LEGAL dept.

The explanation for the deductions being doubled is: a result of contracts now using two pipeline companies so double the transportation costs. I asked her to name the pipeline companies. After some research she said 1.) Tennessee Gas Pipeline and 2.) Texas Eastern Transmission are both now being used in order to get a better  price for gas. "This is the case for all of North Eastern PA as the basin and terrain make it difficult to get the gas to market."

Did anyone else in NE PA notice their deductions double in 9/13?


I was not hit with this until November. Transport deduction went from ~18 cents/mcf in October to 67 cents in November. December was 35 and January 42. Had been running 12 to 15 cents from 3/13 up to October. Had seen discussion of high deduction and mention of the diversion to another pipeline in another thread.... will try to find it and put a link here if you're interested.

Here is the link

the comment I refer to is toward the bottom of the thread.


A friend of mine just got his CHK checks and they were all over $8.00, Wilmot Twsp.


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